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Sat September 28 at 3:00 PM, Gage Hill Farm
801 Gage Rd, Bethel, VT, USA (Map & Directions)
A new Vermont resident has called for a meetup and turtlegirl and I are offering our home/farm as the venue. A traditional New England potluck gathering, and we'll provide the grill and the lovely views.
We only have bocce, and would welcome other outdoor games. We don't have a lot of flat ground though. Cornhole would be nice, if anyone is willing to bring a set.

There are wooded trails behind our house for anyone who fancies a short hike or stroll. We have bug repellent.

Depending on how much rain we get between now and the event we may have a fire in the pit, so bring your own s'mores ingredients if that's your thang.

If you need to stay overnight for any reason you are welcome to, but crash space is on a first-come-first-sleep-comfortably basis.

Have I forgotten something? Right...

CAVEATS: Our driveway is very steep and much of the gravel has been lost due to a few strong storms. We also have limited parking at the top of the hill where the house is. We encourage people to drive to the top (4WD suggested) to drop off passengers, food, drink, chairs, instruments, games, and anything else they don't want to carry up the hill. Then please park at the bottom across from the barn. Feel free to say hello to the sheep and the llamas before walking up! The Finn sheep (the dark ones) are the friendliest.

Obviously, anyone with mobility issues should drive up and park at the top. Feel free to pull onto the grass before the house to keep the top clear for other vehicles.

NO Dogs. Llamas are expected to guard against coyotes so we prefer to limit their interaction with canines. Thanks!
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We're only a couple hours away, and I'm not sure I can physically prevent my wife from visiting llamas if she is invited to. I'll see if we can get this on our schedule!
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Of course your wife is invite! Hope you can make it.
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NYCer here who loves the outdoors and has still somehow not made it up to Vermont in the six years I've been here despite saying I want to every fall. I loved both New Hampshire and Maine. I'm free that weekend and making it a priority to come! And I decided that before I even know about the bonus llamas!!!
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I'll put myself down as a maybe. I have a Sunday morning class starting in September but perhaps I can either drive home in the evening or get up early in time for the class.
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So great to see usernames for people I have not had the pleasure to meet IRL yet!
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I'm a hard maybe to come down from Adamant (VT) for this, though kids' schedules can sometimes get in the way. But hope to come!
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It's about an hour away for me. Never been to a meetup before, but we (2 of us) are maybes.
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glad to see the maybes and the yeses growing!
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This will miraculously take place during a long-planned road trip for me at pretty much the perfect time and place. I'll be en route from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Boston (making a few stops before I'm in the area). I'll likely be there right around 3 and only able to stick around an hour or two, but I'm looking forward to making the stop.
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That's awesome, LionIndex! Will be nice to see a SpoFite too!
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Is there a place in your yard I can set up a tent if I want to crash?

I'll probably be a maybe up until the weekend as I'll be playing it by ear. Mrs. Bondcliff (Amy) is also a maybe.
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bondcliff: the area next to the house where we play bocce is level but a bit bumpy. But I'm sure we can find something. Glad to hear Amy may make it too!
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bondcliff: Thanks for the follow on Instagram. I hope you can make it as my fiddle/mando-playing mother-in-law would love to meet you :)
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I actually just came in here to ask about sleeping outside too!
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I actually just came in here to ask about sleeping outside too!

Eideteker usually puts a hammock up in the woods when they visit!
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MetaFilter: puts a hammock up in the woods
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