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Sat September 28 at 3:00 PM, Turnbridge
Vermont, USA (Map & Directions)
A new Vermont resident has called for a meetup and turtlegirl and I are offering our home/farm as the venue. A traditional New England potluck gathering, and we'll provide the grill and the lovely views.
We only have bocce, and would welcome other outdoor games. We don't have a lot of flat ground though. Cornhole would be nice, if anyone is willing to bring a set.

There are wooded trails behind our house for anyone who fancies a short hike or stroll. We have bug repellent.

Depending on how much rain we get between now and the event we may have a fire in the pit, so bring your own s'mores ingredients if that's your thang.

If you need to stay overnight for any reason you are welcome to, but crash space is on a first-come-first-sleep-comfortably basis.

Have I forgotten something? Right...

CAVEATS: Our driveway is very steep and much of the gravel has been lost due to a few strong storms. We also have limited parking at the top of the hill where the house is. We encourage people to drive to the top (4WD suggested) to drop off passengers, food, drink, chairs, instruments, games, and anything else they don't want to carry up the hill. Then please park at the bottom across from the barn. Feel free to say hello to the sheep and the llamas before walking up! The Finn sheep (the dark ones) are the friendliest.

Obviously, anyone with mobility issues should drive up and park at the top. Feel free to pull onto the grass before the house to keep the top clear for other vehicles.

NO Dogs. Llamas are expected to guard against coyotes so we prefer to limit their interaction with canines. Thanks!
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We're only a couple hours away, and I'm not sure I can physically prevent my wife from visiting llamas if she is invited to. I'll see if we can get this on our schedule!
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Of course your wife is invite! Hope you can make it.
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NYCer here who loves the outdoors and has still somehow not made it up to Vermont in the six years I've been here despite saying I want to every fall. I loved both New Hampshire and Maine. I'm free that weekend and making it a priority to come! And I decided that before I even know about the bonus llamas!!!
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I'll put myself down as a maybe. I have a Sunday morning class starting in September but perhaps I can either drive home in the evening or get up early in time for the class.
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So great to see usernames for people I have not had the pleasure to meet IRL yet!
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I'm a hard maybe to come down from Adamant (VT) for this, though kids' schedules can sometimes get in the way. But hope to come!
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It's about an hour away for me. Never been to a meetup before, but we (2 of us) are maybes.
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glad to see the maybes and the yeses growing!
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This will miraculously take place during a long-planned road trip for me at pretty much the perfect time and place. I'll be en route from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Boston (making a few stops before I'm in the area). I'll likely be there right around 3 and only able to stick around an hour or two, but I'm looking forward to making the stop.
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That's awesome, LionIndex! Will be nice to see a SpoFite too!
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Is there a place in your yard I can set up a tent if I want to crash?

I'll probably be a maybe up until the weekend as I'll be playing it by ear. Mrs. Bondcliff (Amy) is also a maybe.
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bondcliff: the area next to the house where we play bocce is level but a bit bumpy. But I'm sure we can find something. Glad to hear Amy may make it too!
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bondcliff: Thanks for the follow on Instagram. I hope you can make it as my fiddle/mando-playing mother-in-law would love to meet you :)
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I actually just came in here to ask about sleeping outside too!
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I actually just came in here to ask about sleeping outside too!

Eideteker usually puts a hammock up in the woods when they visit!
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MetaFilter: puts a hammock up in the woods
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MetaFilter: puts a hammock up in the (porn in the) woods.

I have not placed or seen any pron in the woods!
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You're not looking hard enough.
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Added us as definite. We ended up getting an AirBNB so we're going to make a little weekend trip out of this.
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I'm also thinking of tacking on an extra day or two and making a little weekend trip out of this. Questions for the natives:
1. Will leaves have potentially turned yet, based on historic trends? I just checked some maps and apparently things are still pretty green, but a lot can happen in two weeks.
2. Is there anywhere good nearby that you recommend for camping?
3. Any cool stuff you particularly recommend in the area? I'm more about hikes, kayaking, and outdoor things than antiquing/apple picking type stuff but also love educational stuff and kitsch so open to all suggestions. It looks like Green Mountain National Forest will be on the way on the way up. I'll browse the archives but any suggestions are welcome.

And open to all:
4. Would anyone want to do a bonus night of camping, likely the night prior and/or do some outdoors activities, either Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon? I'm even considering taking Friday off to come up early enough to do a big hike if it seems worthwhile.

Excited for this! The city has seemed especially loud and crowded lately.
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Leaves are starting to turn up here already, so it's still mostly green but at the higher elevations there's some color. The big deal is the rate of change versus the probability of high winds and/or rain. Here's a good report page.
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On the page Jessamyn linked we are located approximately where the point in the V shape (county line) below Montpelier is.
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I don’t know much about camping in the area, but can suggest Silver Lake in the VT state park system. It is only 20 mins from us and has a lovely lake and the there is a quaint general store.

My only caveat is that it is already getting into the low 40s overnight.
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Oops. Looks like the state parks close Labor Day weekend.
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Update: We will be making pork burgers, beef burgers, sweet and hot sausages, and will have a few vegetarian sausages as well. We will have some beers and soft drinks as well. We will likely make one side as well, likely a non-lettuce salad, but that hasn't been decided yet.

If anyone wants to share what they plan to bring, please do. Please note that you do not need to bring anything, and you certainly shouldn't avoid coming because you don't have anything.

You can MeMail me if you have any questions that you don't want to put here.

This is expected to be a pretty laid back event, and we are very much looking forward to seeing everyone!
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Cheese, I am bringing cheese. And Jim. Possibly other stuff. Anyone who needs/wants a lawn to camp on is welcome at my house also.
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If I can get my shit together this weekend I'll build a cornhole board. This'll be my third one so I can knock them out in about an hour or so. I don't think I'll get around to painting it though. Do you have enough flat ground for it?

We'll be spending the night before outside of our home so we'll pick up something that doesn't need any prep, like some chips and beer.
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I'll be coming in from Lake Placid, and I'll just pick something up on the way in the bondcliff vein of no prep. There's a place in Lake Placid that's apparently a sourdough bakery, so I was thinking I'd pick up a loaf or something there? Is there anything local to Lake Placid that's noteworthy foodwise?
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I am not familiar with Lake Placid, and sourdough sounds delicious, but please don't feel an obligation to make special trips or stops.
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I am bringing my unbridled enthusiasm. *checks map jessamyn linked to* aww yiss motha fuckin LEAVES.

I can also bring s'mores ingredients if it still looks good for a fire and I get confirmation that others are interested (so this doesn't end with me eating 87 s'mores.)
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Leave are turning for sure. S’mores are welcome but we won’t have that many people. But a dessert would be welcomed.
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Alas, our good friend is having her birthday party next weekend instead of this weekend (her actual birthday) so we won't be able to make it. Sorry to miss you all!
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I would love s'mores, but I'll be back on the road well before an hour where it becomes socially acceptable to eat them.
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There is no hour in the day when it is not socially acceptable to eat s'mores.
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What bondcliff says. We can always start a fire whenever folks want s'mores.

restless_nomad: We're bummed, but understand. have fun!
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Terrapin, if I don't sleep outside, is there a place for me to crash? (The floor is fine.) I might do my big hiking day on Saturday instead of Friday, in which case I'll get there on the later side and also won't want to mess with a tent.

And I should also ask if you guys have any rough idea of when this would end - in terms of like, 'we all go to bed at 8pm here' or something like that. I wouldn't want to get there just as everyone is going to bed...
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Cornhole has been achieved. There will be cornhole.
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Unannihilated: of course there is room inside for you!

It’s a small group visiting and I can’t say when others will want to leave but with at least 3 people (Eidetwker, skorgu and one other) from NYC expected to stay overnight there should be people up and about.
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Bondcliff: Having seen a preview on Instagram I have one question: are you now referred to as a Cornholist or do you prefer a different term?
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Unannililated: we have an air mattress for you.
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As the newest Vermonter and the person who wanted to do this, it pains me to say that I can't. I've got this new job which is turning out to be all-consuming and I just discovered that there are apparently monthly reports I need to be writing, due Monday, that are going to take me all weekend. I am so sorry...please have fun.
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That’s unfortunate but understandable. Good luck with the new job.
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I'm sorry to say that life has become complicated over the last couple of weeks, so I must downgrade my first meetup-maybe to a meetup-no. Hopefully the weather will stay as lovely as it is today. Next time!
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Looking forward to it!

Is Gage Rd the same as Gage Hill Rd? Apple Maps only seems to have the latter.
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Should be. Off of Route 14?
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Yeah, it’s gotta be it. I think there’s a typo in the post.
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The sign at the bottom of our road simple says “gage rd”

Gage is approximately 3.8 miles from when you turn onto Rte 14 and the East Bethel cemetery is across from where you turn on Gage. Our drive way is o.8 miles from the bottom of Gage and on the left. There is a stenciled sign with “801 Gage Rd” in red paint.

MeMail me if you need a phone number.
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As Jessamyn can attest Google doesn’t do Vermont well.

They only recently correct where they had Randolf Center instead of Randolph Center.

On edit I see you said Apple Maps. I don’t use Apple Maps locally so I wasn’t aware they also have Gage Hill.

I think it is officially Gage Hill but most locals have dropped the hill part.
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We’ll be there closer to 4:00. Got a little deeper into the woods than we expected.
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Me and Eideteker will be there 5:30 or after. Hiking to Mt. Bromley right now!
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I'll be more like 4 as well. Currently waiting at the Ticonderoga ferry, and it's supposedly about a 2-hour drive from this point.
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Unless you are driving a huge SUV there should be space up top to park. 🤞🏼
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Now 6:30pm as we're just getting off the mountain at 4:45pm (made it to the top!) and still need to get s'more fixin's. (I may have eaten all the ones we bought yesterday.) Anything else we can grab while we're at a store?
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Thank you for making this happen. I wish I could have stayed longer and had an adult beverage, but it was a nice, peaceful feeling to sit with you all on the deck for a bit.
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Sarah and I want to thank everyone who came over yesterday. What a lovely group of people you all are. It was nice to see familiar faces and to meet new folks.

We are in awe at the great distances many of you traveled to be here — with visitors from Michigan, Massachusetts, New York, and Oregon!

Thank you!
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Amy and I had a fabulous time! It was just so relaxing and mellow. I don't know how long it's been since I gathered around a fire with a group of friends but it was really nice.

It's really too bad though that your yard has that problem where it throws off my A+ cornhole game. You should probably get a landscaper to fix that.

Thanks to terrapin and Turtlegirl for hosting!
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I’ll get on that as soon as I fix the steps.
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Thanks much for hosting, so great to see everyone and I, too, am a sucker for a friendly campfire.
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