New Mexico, let's meet up!
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Sat August 31 at 10:00 AM, Milly's
7308 Jefferson St NE, Albuquerque, NM, USA (Map & Directions)
UPDATE: We have a date [August 31, 2019], a time [10 AM Mountain time] and a place [Milly's, 7308 Jefferson St NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109]
It's been waaaaaay too long. Let's belatedly celebrate MetaFilter's 20th, or any other reason to hang out.
To make things more organized, perhaps we could have a meetup every other month? Next up: October! Santa Fe?
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Taj Mahal on Carlisle and Constitution has a great dining hall in the basement for large parties depending on how many people RSVP. O'Neills on Central has their sports-meeting-whatever extension that's nice for events. Or we could even just have a picnic in a park somewhere. I wouldn't mind a trip to SF either, but I don't know enough about the city to make suggestions.
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Depending on how many folks want to make the drive all the way up here, The Skillet is pretty cool. And we're topping out at the mid 80s, which is a little better, at least! (the bar at the remodeled Casteneda serves food, and is said to be nice, but I haven't been. At some point I want to do a tour.) But I'm down for Alb or SF, too!
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I'm in! Albuquerque is easiest for me but I'm happy to travel. I spent a summer working in Las Vegas about 15 years ago and haven't really been back- Casteneda looks intriguing.
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Should we pick a date a few weeks out? That way, we can see who can make it and pick a place to meet more concretely.

I vote for somewhere with alcohol and food ;)
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It would be great to finally meet some New Mexico MeFites.

We live in the Northeast Heights, but I'm pretty flexible for location. Taj Mahal looks good, maybe because I'm hungry Right Now.

My only ask is a place where it's easy to carry a conversation. Yes, I'm an old, and cursed with tinnitus.

Now you kids get off of my... xeriscape!
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ok, throwing dates out there - what about either August 17 or 31?
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Either of those dates work for me.
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The 31st is better for me. I'm helping a friend move in Santa Fe on the 17th, but that doesn't mean others can't meet on that day.

For another meetup location, I'll throw out The Freight House as a possible meeting location. It's in Bernalillo, so easy access from I-25, and if we time it right, folks could take the train. It's a short drive from Albuquerque, a bit longer from Santa Fe (and longer from Las Vegas). We can reserve tables, and if we do a brunch, the weather could be nice enough that we could eat outside. It's generally not too loud inside, and they have good food and tasty drinks.

I'll do a MeMail blast later today to see if I can get more folks interested in meeting up.
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How about a brunch?
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I am late to this party -- I'd love to meet up as well. August 31st works for me -- the 17th isn't possible. Near to ABQ is great, or someplace accessible by train. Since it's a Saturday, deciding time for ease of getting there and getting back is prolly a thang to consider, as well.
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Should we go with August 31, so we have one part of the equation nailed down?
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August 31 it is!

Rail Runner schedule is here.
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The 31st sounds good, and so does brunch!

Silvery Fish, what were you thinking in regards to the train schedule? Saturday service is pretty limited, and I'm sure we could arrange a MeFite caravan/ carpool.

Restaurant option: Milly's Restaurant is good, and it's north of the Big I, for whatever that's worth. From my visits there, it's a good place to have a conversation.
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I've sent messages to the geo-located folks in the area who are active MeFites, but I know more don't include geo-tags in their profiles, so feel free to message more local folk-als!
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Do you mean Milly's on Jefferson or Candelaria? (fine with either)

10? 11?
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A good place to have a conversation is good, and it looks like they do hash browns correctly. Count me in.
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Iron Fist of (relative) Certainty* -- Milly's on Jefferson, 10 AM, Aug. 31.

* that is, I'm boldly making an executive decision, to which others can respond and we can revise if necessary

Meetup changed from Proposed to Planned, and I added a suggestion below the fold: To make things more organized, perhaps we could have a meetup every other month? Next up: October! Santa Fe?
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I've never been to Milly's-looks good! Excited to see/meet you all.
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we are here a little bit early and went ahead and put together a table in the back. I have long green hair.
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Thanks! We'll be there in a few minutes! My wife is wearing a bright orange floral dress, and I'm wearing my light thief t-shirt (see my profile pic) and black & blue plaid shorts.
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We went to the wrong Milly’s 🙄 be there in 10!
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It was great meeting everybody! Thanks for putting this together, filthy light thief.
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Let's plan for the next one! Santa Fe, Oct. 2019!
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I have a pic! Would anyone *not* like it to be posted? I'm happy to share privately if y'all don't want it up.
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Thanks! We're OK with it going public. If you don't post it, please MeMail me a link, thanks!
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