Howdy Denver!
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Tue July 23 at 7:00 PM, Terminal Bar
1701 Wynkoop St, Denver, CO, USA (Map & Directions)
Where: start inside Union Station, outside Terminal Bar (somewhere around here, as seen in Google Streetview). When: 7 PM, TODAY, Tuesday July 23.
Original blurb: I'll be in Denver for two nights this week (7/23 and 7/24) for a work trip, and I was wondering if anyone wanted to grab a bite or a drink. I know they're week nights and it's short notice, but I thought I should give it a try.

I'm staying what looks to be downtown, south of the Sunken Gardens Park.

I'll actually get in town mid-day Tuesday, and I have no real plans other than drop off my luggage, though I might bop around with co-workers, TBD.

I'm open to suggestions for evening events these two nights, and something tomorrow afternoon.
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If you haven't seen Union Station yet, it's both worth a visit and an easy place to arrange for a meetup for groups of unknown size.

Baere Brewing's not far and has never been very loud the times I've visited. Wednesday night they have a bluegrass picking event but I'm told it's more like a handful of people playing in a corner than something we'd have to engage with or shout over.
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I would love to come but I have theater tickets on Wednesday and bar trivia on Tuesday. :-(
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The Mercury Cafe is a friendly space. More hippie than hipster, but close to downtown and always space for small or large groups. 22nd and California. Let me know!
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I could be available Wednesday, dinner with The Woman tonight though.
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I'll be bold and say Union Station tonight (Tuesday, 7/23), and Mercury Cafe tomorrow (Wed., 7/24) -- 7 PM both nights.

Union Station looks like it's big enough that we should agree on a meeting point -- maybe by the fountain at Wynkoop, on the inner corner (this area, as seen in Google Street View)?
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Maybe indoors for the meeting place at Union Station? Somewhere in front of Terminal Bar usually works. Air quality will still probably not be great by 7.
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(I can get in there early to find space and can bring a sign.)
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Thanks for the tip on the air quality, and picking a meeting place!

What sign do you have in mind?

Barring some mishap, I'll be there as the tall, white guy with short, silvering hair, glasses, wearing a light/faded red plaid shirt and blue jeans.


And if you can't make it tonight, I've made the Mercury Cafe the official location of tomorrow's meetup.
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If y'all like U2, there's a cover band playing on the bridge at Coohills downtown, which will start around 7. It's free, you can buy drinks, always a good time.
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Aww. I wish I could make it, but this is a good reminder that we need to do more meetups! :)
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Um. I hadn't actually made a sign yet, aspirational talk.
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Ok ๐Ÿ˜

It may be a small group, so intermittently shouting "MetaFilter!" should be enough for us to gather MeFites ๐Ÿ˜‹
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Oh, I should warn y'all: the Mercury is a cash and checks place. No credit/debit cards. ATM onsite. If that's not a deal-breaker, I'll see you there Wednesday. Also, I checked the calendar: bluegrass is playing that night, but we can always meet in another non-music room if you're allergic to bluegrass (I am). There are two ground-floor rooms and dancing upstairs.
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I'll be the tall white guy with silvered hair AND GLASSES.
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Never mind. Bluegrass is Thursday night. There will just be a guitarist playing (hopefully) background music in the dining area (on the right).
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Thanks for the details on Mercury Cafe. If the cash/check only is a deal-breaker, I'm open to suggestions. I know I'll have to find a credit union ATM or store that offers cash withdrawals.
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Update: pants are for squares. Swapped the jeans for shorts. Time to wander Denver!
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I'll be the short-haired white woman in the blue and white seersucker dress; will update when I show up over there.
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I'll be at work tonight at the other end of the mall, but I'll try to pop on by tomorrow. Have a good time!
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I'm at one of the long tables to the right of the Terminal Bar service window. It is much busier than the last time I was here!
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You're early! I'm coming, but I'm at Lowdown Bar now, but I'll be there close to 7.
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No hurry, just couldn't come up with anything else to do after work!
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Right as you face the service window, or as you face the band? I'm here, looking lost with my hat literally in my hand.
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Super loud, so wandering outside with ice cream.
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Itโ€™s nice and calm at my bar rn if itโ€™s a bit much up there, Iโ€™m at Leela, 820 15th St (the free mall ride will bring you most of the way).
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Sorry I didn't check this earlier. I'm back at my hotel. Try again tomorrow?
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Oh, wish I'd seen! Can I come visit another time?
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At the Mercury...
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Oh, I'm so sorry. I made a new thread for tonight and linked to it in a prior comment, but no one said that they'd be there. I'm back at my hotel now, about 2 miles away.
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