Northampton, MA meetup!
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Sun August 4 at 2:00 PM, The Roost
1 Market St, Northampton, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
We've just moved and would love to meet the local MeFites! Sounds like it's been a while since a Central/Western MA meetup, so how about it?
Let's meet on Sunday, Aug. 4th, 2PM, at The Roost in Northampton. If you wish you could come but can't make it then, please comment and we can make additional plans!

Update: I’m here at a round table near the corner entrance, far end away from the counter. I’m wearing a patterned green shirt (not unlike the shade of my favorite subsite).
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Welcome to the neighborhood! It's been a while since we last had a Western Mass meet up, so seems like we're due.

I live in Greenfield these days and don't have a car anymore so I'm partial to doing something in Northampton/north for relative ease of transportation. I also love Herrell's but I'm not up on the newer places for food and drink in Amherst and Northampton, so I'll let other folks chime in if they're around while I think about it.
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Welcome! There hasn't been a meetup since I've been here and it's well past time *I* met all the locals, too. My schedule is a little hairy for family reasons for the next month or so, but if I can be there, I will.
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I'm just north of the border in Vermont and would be up for any gathering.
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Greetings from metro west Boston! I don't think I'm nearby enough to influence the event planning, but I'll keep an eye on what y'all cook up and will join if I can.

Also, not sure if this is totally kosher, but what the heck: I bought a ticket to the Freshgrass weekend at Mass MoCA (Sept 20-22). Now both work and family obligation around that time mean I am not likely to be able to go. If anyone closer to North Adams is interested in buying my ticket send me a note. I paid like $140 and would sell it at a bit of a loss...
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Yay, and thanks for the "welcomes"! Camyram et. al., when you've had meetups around here before, was there any spot or kind of event that people tended to come out for? Back near Boston, I'd tried posting a few unique, outdoorsy meetups, but they rarely drew people like bars did.

Usually, I like ice cream, trail walks, etc. more than drinks, but I think we should do whatever will draw people. Google tells me there's Johhny's Tavern in Amherst and the Northampton Brewery in Northampton, e.g. -- do either of those sound appealing? More so than Herrell's or another idea?

Also, for anyone coming from north of Amherst, if we choose somewhere else, I'm happy to bring a couple of folks from Amherst to the destination and back.
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Last time I went to a Western MA meetup (which may have been the last one in several years) we stuck to Northampton: lunch at La Veracruzana (pretty reliable Mexican food -- they have three locations in the Valley but they're local) and then hung out and played board games at a gastropub that isn't there any more. And I'm pretty sure there was Herrell's involved at some point.

Johnny's Tavern is nice, if a little pricey for Amherst (omg, their truffle french fries though). So far I haven't been able to come up with much in the Northampton - Amherst area that's still around since I moved north two whole years ago, but one of my housemates spends a lot of time in N'ton so I'll try to catch up with her tomorrow for suggestions (she's also more into the bar scene than I am). I'd have us covered in Greenfield/Montague/Turner's, but there's so much turnover in bars and restaurants in Northampton that I haven't been able to keep up.
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Hi All! Greetings from Northampton! I just missed that Veracruzana meetup which happened literally weeks before I moved here (six years ago!) This means the last meetup I made it to was in 2010, so I'm for sure going to try to get to this one.

The Northampton Brewery has a nice roof deck space and plenty of room in general (and is easy striking distance to Herrell's) The beer is good but the food can be kinda hit or miss. A couple of other options in downtown Northampton that might work are the Roost (which has food, coffee, beer and boardgames), Iconica Social Club (which is a coffee shop with a cool outside space) and The Dirty Truth which has lots of beer on tap and good food.
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I think The Roost looks like a great option -- thanks, Lazlo! What about the timing that most people can make -- maybe a Sunday afternoon? Or are other days/times easier for more people? Then, once I switch this over to a real event, I'll still leave it open for suggested changes.
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Ok, I'm going to try calling it for Sunday, Aug. 4, 2PM, at The Roost. BUT! If you want to come and that doesn't work, please post what would and I'll adjust it to whatever suits most people best.
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That works for me, but I'm flexible too.
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That is tentatively doable for me too!
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Great! That day works for me if I can figure out a ride.
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If it's any easier for you to get to Amherst, camyram, I can drive you from there and back to Amherst.
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Unfortunately, getting to Amherst isn't any easier. I might be able to get a ride from one of my housemates who spends a lot of time in Northampton, but she can be hard to pin down more than a couple of days in advance.
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I'm from CT but I'll be in NoHo in the morning for a friend's birthday brunch so I'm going to try to make it to meet up with you all!
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Unless someone else is coming from the area and would be willing to give me a ride from Greenfield it looks like I'm not going to be able to make it tomorrow. My housemate has other plans and the other friends who help me with rides all seem to be away or working this weekend.
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Adding myself (plus spouse) as a late "maybe." I'd say it's about 50/50 that we actually make it, but I missed the last western MA meetup too, and it would be great to get to know some local Mefites.
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On my way in, I'm wearing a yellow t-shirt with a gorilla on it
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Beagle just got here too :)
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