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Hey all, never been to Minnesota before but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a little road trip to see national treasure Chuck Tingle at Convergence Con. Review of past IRLs indicates that Convergence MeFi meetups have happened in the past. How about another one?
My suggestion is late Friday (July 5) as I know people are busy doing the things they wanna do (for me that would be AVOID THE VOID). I’ve never been before, though, is there a bar? Someplace that would be appropriate for an 11pm-ish meetup? Veterans please chime in! Other suggestions welcome.

And hit me up if you want to play MTG. I’m sad to be missing the Unstable Ghost Draft tomorrow but couldn’t get the day off work.
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Alas, I am going to be staffing for the con all weekend and I also alas do not know of a good place for a late-night meetup. Previous meetups we've had have been in a place at the convention itself, but that was due to the fact that there wasn't any real good places to eat within walking distance that were not going to be slammed by con attendees.

There's not that much of a problem in the con's new location, but I'm not familiar enough with downtown Minneapolis restaurants. The knitting group I know of uses Hen House for weekday evening meets; however, I'm not sure how it's going to be on Friday nights.

I wish that I could offer more advice, and whatever is decided, I hope to be able to come.

I'm also going to be attempting to make it into the Dealers Room long enough to buy into a seat at the Sunday M20 prerelease. If you get into that one, maybe we'll be matched up? I'll also be bringing my convertible Oathbreaker/Commander deck.
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Aah, sorry I missed this until now! Hope you had fun, and if you want to go back next year, I'll probably be around.
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Sorry I couldn't make it; was wiped out by a combo of mistakes, mine and, well, mostly mine.
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