Atlanta MeFi Meetup
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Sat March 19 at 7:00 PM, Twain's Billiards and Tap
211 E Trinity Pl, Decatur, GA, USA (Map & Directions)
It's on. Preliminary discussions zeroed in on Twain's. Looking forward to seeing everybody.
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I could come! I haven't been on MeFi for very long but I lurked for like four years. Do you have a place/neighborhood in mind yet?
posted by polly_dactyl at 1:37 PM on March 1, 2011

I don't -- I suppose it would depend on how many people could come, and where they lived. Off the top of my head, Manuel's is always a good spot for such shenanigans, and The Porter in Little Five Points has good beer, and a couple of large tables in the back.
posted by steambadger at 4:11 PM on March 1, 2011

We've had a few, but they don't happen very often - the last big one was for the 10th anniversary, in Decatur at Thinking Man.
posted by catlet at 8:06 PM on March 1, 2011

I'm in! The Porter seems really crowded for a larger group. What about Twain's in Decatur?
When would y'all want to meet?
posted by runningwithscissors at 5:52 AM on March 2, 2011

I would love to--I'm always sad when I look down the list of meetups and never see Atlanta. I'm OTP, so closer to the perimeter would be ideal for me, but I can probably make it further into town just for the chance to meet fellow MeFites.
posted by litnerd at 6:20 AM on March 2, 2011

Depending on scheduling, I'm in, and catlet's right - our last one was Thinking Man for the 10th. Keep me posted, i'll be there.
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I'm open to Twain's or Thinking Man; I like 'em both. litnerd, I don't much about the pub situation near the perimeter, being an inner-city lad; any suggestions?

What about timing? Would anybody be up the weekend of March 11 and 12? Or should we wait longer and see if more folks show an interest? I've never done MeFi IRL before, so I'm uncertain of protocol.
posted by steambadger at 12:31 PM on March 2, 2011

5 Seasons on Roswell Road might be a good Perimeter-friendly option; I've only been to their Alpharetta location, but found that one to have a good ambiance for meetups. But ultimately I'm up for pretty much anywhere. March 11th is a no-go for me but the 12th or almost any other day of the month would be ok with me.
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we'd be in for something but it would need to be after March 13 - grabbingsand is in a play until then. At Georgia Ensemble! In Roswell! You should come.

We'll go anywhere. Well, generally anywhere - Manuel's, 5 Seasons, Twains, Thinking Man, whatever.
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I'm good for either Decatur or Perimeter or Intown and only have a few dates I can't make it towards the end of the month. I was supposed to go on a business trip, but there seems to be some sort of "budget crisis" here at the fed...*

* those who know me know I work in government finance. The gallows humor has been very strong this week
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Sounds fun. I'm a vote for somewhere in the Decatur area, and I like Twain's.
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How about Twain's on March 19? Say, 7 p.m.?
posted by runningwithscissors at 6:23 AM on March 3, 2011

Twain's on March 19th sounds perfect. If it turns out we all hate each other, we can just shoot pool.
posted by steambadger at 7:28 AM on March 3, 2011

That's true! Twain's does have a lot of extracurricular activities, for those who find crowds intimidating. My extracurricular activity will be having beer. Delicious, delicious beer.
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I'd clean up for you people. I live down the street from Manuel's but Decatur isn't a problem, if that's what we're going with.
posted by black rainbows at 8:43 AM on March 3, 2011

March 19 is doable!
posted by Medieval Maven at 3:42 PM on March 3, 2011

Well, okay, then -- if I hear no objections this evening, then in the morning I'll take this puppy live for Saturday, March 19, 7pm, at Twain's.
posted by steambadger at 4:07 PM on March 3, 2011

steambadger, if we all hate each other, we can just talk about MeFites who aren't there, or play "What's your favorite AskMe?"
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Yay for Twain's, meetups & delicious, delicious beer!
posted by pointystick at 7:00 AM on March 4, 2011

As with every other meetup, I 'd love to come but I work at Manuel's on Saturday night. Thus unless everyone comes to me, I will miss you yet again.
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Hope to make it!
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stormygrey, I'm guessing we have too many people on board to change the location at this point. Next time at Manuel's?
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Eh, lots of people say its too smoky, it should be noted though there are is a nonsmoking dining room and private rooms, but I'd love it you came to see me.
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You've still got a week and a half to see if someone could cover your shift for a couple hours!
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I think I could do March 19th. I know I'm a newbie, but I like meeting internet people. I live like ten minutes from Twain's, so I'm down. will I know y'all?
posted by Maaik at 7:34 PM on March 9, 2011

Umm... I will be the mildly uncomfortable-looking one? I can try to get there early and snag a big booth in front, in the bar area. I have short red hair and a boyfriend with a Nintendo hat. Or maybe I'll just wear the Nintendo hat.

I've been surprised to find that you can sort of just tell which table is the group of internet strangers.
posted by runningwithscissors at 3:57 AM on March 10, 2011

If it helps any, Maaik, I've been told that I look very similar to Chris Daughtry. I usually wear button down shirts, but casually. Bald head, thin beard. I'll likely be there with a really tall redhead.
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I'm going to be the one in the Metafilter shirt. And I look like I do in my profile pic, except with shorter hair now. Pretty simple.
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I am going to try to make it in but I'm only running 50% getting to meet-ups.
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I think I'll go. I will be the one who can never figure out how to talk to strangers. Crap! Metafilter's not strangers, right?
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Don't worry. We're not that strange; and even if we were, nobody can figure out how to talk to strangers.
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I'll be the short blonde with pink streaks with the tall, handsome dark-haired man.
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This is excellent! I'll be the one showing up late and sweaty, a ringing endorsement of my IRL qualities, I know.
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Neat! I'll be the kinda Asian-lookin dude with sorta long hair and Ira Glass-es.

I've been to message board meetups before, but it's still awkward telling my wife that "I'm meeting people...from... the uh, internet."
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A change in plans means it's unlikely that I'll make it, but I hope we can up the frequency a bit. (I mean, nothing crazy like Chicago, but maybe more than every other year.) Switching to a Maybe.
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Sorry to hear that, catlet. Looking forward to seeing y'all tomorrow. I'll be the dashing young boulevardier with an entourage of minions behind him and a breathtaking exotic dancer/nobel laureate on each arm. Either that, or the fifty-year-old fat guy in the O'Reilly Camel t-shirt. I haven't decided yet.
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So in case I do get there first, does anyone have a preference for inside or outside seating? And how does one claim tables for 20?
posted by runningwithscissors at 10:24 AM on March 19, 2011

Blow up dolls.

I'm probably going to be kinda late--like 8 or 9ish. How long do y'all plan on hanging out?
posted by Maaik at 11:22 AM on March 19, 2011

I don't know what you take me for, but I don't have 18 blow-up dolls... But yeah, come whenever. We'll probably be there until at least 9. Msg me if you want my number so you can text and check first.
posted by runningwithscissors at 12:00 PM on March 19, 2011

RWS, it's a lovely day, so I'd suggest outside, unless it's already jam-packed. If you do get there first, just tell the hostess (or a bartender, if there's no hostess) that you are a harbinger of doom, and your followers will need room to spread out. I called them yesterday, and they didn't seem to think there would be any problem getting a large table at 7; I'll try to get there early, too; but I'm taking the bus, and not fully in control of my own destiny.

Maalik, I have no curfew, but will probably leave around ten to catch the last bus -- unless I can catch a ride back to the southside with somebody. I don't know how late others are planning on staying.
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Oh, yeah -- if I get there first, I'll tell them I"m from metafilter, so we don't end up with three tables...
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Ah, cool. I was just presuming it'd be packed. I'll just see what they think when I get there, then.
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I'm hoping to make it despite being a nervous mefi lurker/noob. But Twains does have good sandwiches...
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I'm trying my darnedest to make it to the meetup. I'll also be wearing a Metafilter t shirt. But I apparently bought it one size too small, so I'll be the one looking like a whore.
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T-minus 1 hour and 45 minutes ...

I had no beer on St Patrick's Day, none even last night, so I'm looking forward to whatever goodness Twain's has on tap this week.

(Oh, and looking forward to seeing you guys, too.)
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I'm hanging out at the bar. Come find the brown haired girl in the Mefi T-shirt (that's also one size too small).
posted by litnerd at 3:56 PM on March 19, 2011

We're here with steambadger and frwagon. we're seated outside.
posted by runningwithscissors at 3:58 PM on March 19, 2011

on my way!
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We survived!
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Had a great time, thanks y'all. With the size of the crowd of MeFites we have here in Atlanta, we really do need to make this a regular occurrence. Maybe the next one in ... June?
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It was awesome meeting all you lovely people last night. Let's do it again sometime.
posted by litnerd at 5:13 AM on March 20, 2011

That _was_ a lot of fun. It was good to meet people from the internet and _not_ get put in the back of a van for once.
posted by Maaik at 5:51 AM on March 20, 2011

It was fun! Missed some faces that we knew from before but it's awesome to meet new people. If we do it again in June, then that's quarterly - which is a good goal, right? :)
posted by Medieval Maven at 7:39 AM on March 20, 2011

Thanks to everybody who made it; it was, indeed, a good time. June sounds great. Where should we go next time?
posted by steambadger at 8:04 AM on March 20, 2011

Quarterly was exactly my thought. It's not too often, but common enough to keep in touch. My vote goes to raid Thinking Man in June.
posted by frwagon at 9:35 AM on March 20, 2011

I'm good with a return to Thinking Man in June.
posted by grabbingsand at 1:27 PM on March 20, 2011

I had a great time! Hope I can make the June meet.
posted by nicebookrack at 2:34 PM on March 20, 2011

Hey, that'll be right around my birthday!
posted by Maaik at 10:23 PM on March 20, 2011

Hey, that'll be right around my birthday!

Maybe we can all chip in for that van experience after all!
posted by runningwithscissors at 6:37 AM on March 21, 2011

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