MeFi 20 - Toronto and area!
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Sat July 13 at 3:00 PM, The Jason George
100 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1E1, Canada (Map & Directions)
Let's celebrate 20 years of MetaFilter. The Jason George has a patio if the weather is good. Time can be adjusted!
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Yes. I would specifically like to toast (and/or roast) some of the fallen TO MeFites who have left the party early.
posted by SassHat at 12:35 AM on May 25 [1 favorite]

Can do.
posted by seanmpuckett at 3:28 AM on May 25

I'll join you.
posted by bonobothegreat at 7:00 AM on May 25

Hello! Fizz and I tentatively (more likely than not) plan on being in attendance.
posted by nightrecordings at 7:13 AM on May 25

May still be hosting the niblings from the outer states, so attendance is tentative.

It would be nice to go to something fun to get past the disappointment of maker festival being cancelled.
posted by scruss at 10:17 AM on May 25

I'm in!
posted by obliquity of the ecliptic at 1:25 PM on May 25

What happened to the murder cabin?
But yes, I'm in with my +1.
posted by Kris10_b at 7:18 PM on May 25

Looks like we've reached critical mass, which is awesome. I'll make it real.
posted by wellred at 6:36 AM on May 26 [1 favorite]

I was just about to see if there might be interest in a meetup to mark MeFi's twentieth. Thanks for the telepathic jumpstart, wellred.
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Alas, we won't be there yet, but if there's another one in August we are in!
posted by rednikki at 9:42 PM on May 27

rhyspenbras and I may or may not be moving that weekend, but if we're not, we'll hop across the border to be there!
posted by okayokayigive at 1:29 PM on May 29

Ooh I’m in! Unless it’d be like bad-weird to come to the 20th anniversary as my first MeFi meetup?
posted by some_kind_of_toaster at 2:39 PM on May 29 [1 favorite]

Unless it’d be like bad-weird to come to the 20th anniversary as my first MeFi meetup?

Not at all bad-weird! Please do!
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posted by typewriter at 5:12 PM on May 29


*checks calendar*

posted by mandolin conspiracy at 9:44 AM on May 31

Wow! 20 years! Looking forward to it.
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If I may be so bold, I would like to draw your attention to something happening the night before.

ilana won the 2019 Toronto Fringe 24-Hour Playwriting Contest! There's a staged reading of her play happening the night before this meetup. Some folks may not be able to accommodate a double-header weekend, but if you can, come on out!
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20 years. Holy shit. The 10 year party was so much fun.
posted by chunking express at 5:39 PM on June 10

Damn it I'm in Ann Arbor!
posted by chunking express at 5:12 PM on June 16

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