Twin Cities 20th Anniversary Meetup Planning Thread
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This thread is for planning the Metafilter 20th Anniversary meetup in the Twin Cities. The first metafilter post was on July 14th, 1999. Jessamyn is hosting folks in Massachusetts on the 13th and I think that a Saturday might be more convenient for folks than a Sunday.
I live in the Soo Line building on 5th and Marquette in downtown Minneapolis, and I'd be happy to reserve our rooftop event space for this occasion: there are grills, a full kitchen, enclosed pool and hot tub up there, with space for twenty or so folks inside and potentially dozens outside, and we could have a potluck picnic very easily. I'm also very amenable to other suggestions. Anytime on anniversary weekend looks open for me right now; I'll have to confirm availability of the space on that weekend.
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Miraculously this is one of my few summer weekends that is not already booked at my farm. I'm in! I am usually the most fun on a Saturday evening but can make most of the weekend work.

Your building sounds fabulous.
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That sounds awesome! Either Saturday or Sunday works for me.
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Cool! I should be free on Saturday at least.
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Sounds like a great idea!
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Either day would work for me as well, but the sooner decided the better because those summer weekends will fill right up.
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I can probably make that. Saturday is better than Sunday.
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Sounds fun! Either Saturday or Sunday will work for me, but I'll list myself as Maybe just in case my move in July falls on that weekend.
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Sounds great! Saturday is better for me, as well.
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I will try to make it. I will be flying back from CA that day so I'll see how I feel when I get in!
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I have heard back from the building and my rooftop is available on the 13th. It sounds like that is the day that is better for people. I can reserve the indoor space for a four hour block-maybe an afternoon event is better than an evening event?

I am interested in creating a kid-friendly environment as well-my partner and I don't have children, but we are very interested in having them soon. My caution about our rooftop with regard to children is that only the indoor kitchen/club space is reservable and the outdoor spaces and the pool area will still be shared. On a summer saturday, that will most likely mean twentysomethings sunning themselves and drinking. It's never a rowdy scene, but it can be lively, and you may want your children to be pretty closely supervised when they are in the shared spaces. There is lots of room in the reservable space and this may not be a concern, but it definitely won't be the kind of thing where you can e.g. send your kids over to the pool for an hour while you chit-chat with the adults-you'll want to go with them.

I'm very amenable to a different venue if that could be more inclusive and carefree for parents, but I haven't lived in the cities for very long so I don't have ideas, and someone else would need to take the lead.

If we do want to go ahead with my rooftop, we should get that reserved soon. So parents let me know your thoughts, and everyone offer thoughts on a time-my own vote is 1-5pm on the 13th, and I'll aim to get it reserved this weekend if it's a go.
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I can reserve the indoor space for a four hour block

Great idea - if the weather is bad, there's still a space to hang out in.
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This sounds awesome!
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My rooftop pool-loving 6-year-old is super psyched for this opportunity to expand his downtown pool mental map!
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Is this going to graduate from proposed to upcoming? I hope so!
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Unfortunate update: My mom passed away last week (not unexpectedly, she had been battling pancreatic cancer for the last year). For various family reasons, the date for her celebration of life service has been scheduled for July 13th in Columbus, OH. So unfortunately, I will not be in town to host this event.

I'm pretty bummed out, but various family factors made scheduling the service for the 13th unavoidable.

I am not sure whether it might be better to migrate this event to a new thread so that someone else can control the details. If we would rather keep it in this thread, I'd be happy to update the details once they are finalized.

Sorry to put event planning back to square one! I am sad that my spouse and I won't be able to celebrate this anniversary with all of you.
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My condolences Kwine. May your memories of her be a blessing.
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I am so sorry to hear, Kwine. My best wishes to you and your family.
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I'm sorry, Kwine. Best wishes and safe travels to your family.
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Anyone still interested in doing this? Could we meet up at a restaurant or pub somewhere?
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So sorry for your loss. I see there's another planning thread going... please don't worry about no longer being able to host. You can always host another in future. ;-) But seriously--celebrating your mom is MUCH more important.
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Thank you for you condolences; we had a lovely celebration this weekend. Did you all wind up getting together somewhere to celebrate the anniversary?
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