MeFi 20th Bday party!
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Hey everyone, I know we were talking about doing a meetup once the weather got a bit nicer; well, that time has come, but it also occurred to me that July 14th is going to be MeFi's 20th birthday! So maybe we ought to do something that day to mark the occasion? Lemme know what you think!
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I would certainly be up for something, but I will be out of town from July 6 and likely returning on the 13th, so I might not be able to make it (I hate Stampede and make sure I take that week off so I can leave town).
posted by nubs at 12:22 PM on May 1, 2019

Haha, that's fair. Maybe the weekend after?
posted by CarrotAdventure at 1:44 PM on May 1, 2019

That would work for me, certainly. We can celebrate MeFi being 20 + 1 week.
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Or we could call it MeFi's 1043.86 weeks old party.
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I'm in! I'll be pretty flexible for the date - don't think I've got anything planned then.
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I'm interested for sure!
posted by Homeboy Trouble at 6:48 PM on May 4, 2019

Sure, yeah, please let me know.
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Well, I twittishly flaked on the last meetup I said I'd attend - so I'll absolutely commit to this one. Looking forward to meeting Calgary mefites!
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It's gonna be great!

What does everyone think re: venue? Last time, angiep made the astute observation that perhaps we ought to do the next meetup at someone's house, rather than at a pub, since most MeFites are introverts and it might tempt more people out. I'm happy to offer my place, but it's nothing special. I do have a backyard, a BBQ, and indoor plumbing, but not much else.

If we want to go 'public', maybe we do the board game cafe thing (and perhaps make a reservation this time, haha).

Let me know your thoughts - I'm easy
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