Sydney - Let's rock out before lockout
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Wed May 22 at 6:00 PM, Dove and Olive 156 Devonshire St, Surry Hills
Sydney NSW, Australia (Map & Directions)
Sydney it has been many years since I've sunk a jar with youx. Can anyone manage a catch up on the 22nd or 23rd of May?
1st May update - I'm shifting this to confirmed on the 22nd and have added the Dove and Olive as venue. I appreciate the suggestions, feel free to suggest alternatives - this isn't set in stone.

I am flexible on the where or when. I don't know where I'm staying yet. My days are free as well in the unlikely event that suits you better.

If anyone happens to be in Wollongong I will be there earlier in the week.
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I can probably make this if that's ok. Also relatively flexible, I don't think there's any major campaigns going to be on the week after the election.
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23rd slightly better for me than 22nd but I could conceivably do either. Yay!
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Hmmm, let me think.



A thousand times, yes.

CBD or somewhere near a train is best for me as I'll go straight after work. I've missed you all. Take me, you rash fools, take me now! (or then. You know what I mean.)
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Either works for me and seconding near a train / CBD, I would also be coming from work.

I propose Dove & Olive or the Shakespeare on Devonshire St, Surry Hills. Should be pretty easy for all of us to get to Central.
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Yay:) I can probably do an after work drink or five. Seconding near a station.
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Ack, I've just moved to Melbourne.... updated my profile now & will sadly not be rocking out in Sydney.
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If we’re going to the Dove and Olive, we should book. They get busy.
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22 May would work best for me. Somewhere around Central or Surry Hills would be great.
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Would love to. Only thing is that 22nd is my husband's birthday so I'm maybe 0 or maybe 2.
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I think you could definitely argue that the best present, is our presence.
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Looking forward to this. It’s been too long. I’ll book the Dove for 8 people.
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Thanks, red thoughts.
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Booked. See you at 6 tomorrow.
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I'll be there a bit early because they kick me out of the place I'm working at the moment at 5pm sharp and it's only 20 minutes walk away. So if anyone else gets there before six, I'll be in the corner pre-drinking.
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I will definitely be there early cause why the fuck would I want to stay at work longer than I need to?? Its my last week there!
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I will probably be late, but shall attempt to run away early.
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We're here!
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I'm 5 mins away
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Orange hair, yeah yeah.
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That was bloody marvellous. So great to see you all.
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Fabulous night all!
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