Meetup at ARCL 2019
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Librarians of MF who are going to ACRL, we should get together. [Cleveland April 10-13]
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Are there any locals who know of a good venue near the convention center?

I'm free every night except Thurs. (when I'll be going to drink beer and see Australian swamp rock godfathers The Scientists play at Now That's Class, if anyone is up for that).
posted by ryanshepard at 12:51 PM on March 11

I'll be joining ryanshepard!
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I'm not going to ACRL but I work at the city library a couple blocks from where the ACRL will be held.

I also don't live far from NTC.
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Former librarian with limited availability but I'm into it.
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As for good venues near the convention center:

within a 10 minute walk; there's a variety of options if you're looking to eat or drink: particularly by East 4th and Euclid; unfortunately, there's nothing worth going (eating, drinking) lakeside (both on the street or and the actual lake itself for that matter).

If you're really into beer, there's several breweries that are 10-15 minute bus/private car in Ohio City. (On 2nd thought, there are 2 breweries also a 10 minute walk from the convention center).

BTW, if you're a coffee snob, skip starbucks, and walk a block south to Rising star on superior between E 6th and 3rd.

Night-wise, I'd be able available (for now) on Saturday, and possibly after 7 or 8 on Friday.
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While Now That's Class is in weather-dependent walking distance from my pad, $20 is a little steep for me for an act that's not really my cup of tea. But if you're in the mood for a grungy punk rock bar, NTC has you covered. Plus the daily cocktail specials are usually quite good - pretty sure the individual bartenders for each night pick the drinks they make best. (Practical note if anyone is considering driving to this show - there's really nothing but street parking here, and it's on the edge of a pretty rough area, so the normal big-city "Do Not Leave Valuables In Plain Sight" warnings apply.)

But I'm down for a meetup if I can clear my schedule & non-librarians are welcome . . .

If any of the suggestions in ryanshepard's Ask look good to the out-of-towners, pipe up and maybe we can start from there.
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Wednesday night would be the best for me, as far as I know. I'm flying in Tuesday, leaving Saturday and have tentative plans Friday evening (though might be able to meet up before I head to check out the swing dance)
posted by kbuxton at 3:10 PM on March 17

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