This is my calendar. It is hard.
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Wed March 6 at 6:00 PM, Billy Goat Tavern
430 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Greetings, Sapients! Forsooth, thar be a First Wednesday a-brewin'! Get it? Brew? Beer? Brew? Beer? Bruins? Beer? Aight? Pip pop, Cheerio, Wheaties, wot wot, and a few other m in the area of the car as it left the scene in the middle of the night and I was wondering if you had any experience with the right promotion program and how to palm coat gloves or something like that and a full size if you are able to fit them in around then and would like to be able to make it right on the right hand side of the street from the event that you are near the entrance to the entrance to the entrance to the entrance, breaker, breaker, breaker, end keyboard suggestion mouthfart cascade, ten-four good Computar, five by five, Tea, Earl Grey, Hotpants, tiny Bears, bear Cubs can't use bridges, you insensitive clods! Hope that helped! Your mileage may vary, ta ta for now.
We shall meet in accordance with the terms of the agreements of the ancients (TINCCC), in the tabernacle tavern basement of Billy, The Goat God, Prophet Of The Great(est) Basilisk, He And/Or She That Be Made Of Beef Not Goat, under the bridge the Billy Goats of yore have trip trap trop'd. Not on top! But below. Below me. You know, below the bridge. To the left, to the left, the tables we occupy are to the left, where we persist, nevertheless.

Okay, okay, how about some human language?

If you choose to join us, we will be at The Billy Goat Tavern, in downtown Chicago.

It will probably be cold, so wear your druthers, if you have them.

The address is:

The Billy Goat Tavern
430 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611

This address may appear to your Lyft driver as the top level of Michigan Avenue.


You will need to walk and/or drive to the bottom level of Michigan Avenue. We are sorry, Chicago is great, our street layout is mostly great, but our downtown has streets figuratively stacked like triple cheezeborgers. (I think Wacker might be a quadcheezeborger or even a quintcheezeborger in some places, the whole place is an amazescary achievement of structural engineering but I am trying to do human language so I will stop now)

Anyway, if you are ambulatory on Upper Michigan, you can take the stairs to Lower Michigan. If you are arriving by car/bike/velocipede/InsaneElonMuskJetPack/ArchitecturalTourBoat/howdah, your road options include Illinois Street, Hubbard Street, Rush Street, and Lower Michigan Avenue. I usually come from the west, so I prefer the Kinzie Street approach.

If you have a teleporter, your transponder coordinates are 4153'25.22" N 8737'28.92" W. I apologize, I do not have accurate z calibrations.

When you get there, we try to get the tables on the left. There was an e-jukebox last time I was there! Their they're, now.

Oh, and I guess people sing afterwards. Somewhere.

Anyway, be well! I hope you voted #1 quidnunc kid for mayoral doodies. OR ELSE.
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I'll be on the cosmic wave, or meteor, if I can get my legs under me. Cloud 9 for sure. Right now the mountain is under more than ten feet of snow and I can't wait to be skiing.

I'll be at Konak tomorrow, though, if folks are interested. And THANKS FOR VOTING. Please come back April 2 and do it again.
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Forgot I had a work function this evening. If I make it, I'll be on the late side.
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Phunnieme, I can't remember if I messaged you or not, but the staff of the Goat misses you and specifically asked where you've been. So, you know, no pressure.
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Actually, I'm not feeling super-great tonight so I think I'm going to bail. Sorry, everyone: please send my regards to any and all.
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Excited to finally be able to attend one of these (albeit a bit late, thanks red line! Please look as nerdy as possible so I can find you.
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Damn, spoke too soon. Work calls. Next time...
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If there are people coming here who do not know me, I'm the one person sitting on the left/west side of the room. Even if I'm the only one who shows up, I'll be here until Wheel of Fortune ends at least.
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Mike, my apologies: it wasn't Jayne Mansfield. It was Zsa Zsa Gabor and Meg Myles.
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