Bella Donna comes to Pittsburgh!
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Hey folks, I will be in town briefly on my way back to Sweden. Can we meet up on Thursday evening, March 14?
As this will be my first visit to your lovely city, I have no idea where or when to meet. Ideas welcome! Low-end and affordable are the main things for me personally.
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I could do this!

After 5 is definitely better for me. Maybe somewhere around 7:30pmish? I'm not sure of the best place, so I'll brainstorm and wait for others to chime in.
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Wonderful! Agreed with 7:30 being a great time. Throwing out some low-end affordable options: Kelly's in East Liberty, Belvedere's in Lawrenceville, Mixtape in Garfield, Grant Street Tavern downtown, The Modern Cafe on the North Side, Max's Allegheny Tavern in Deutschtown, Piper's Pub in the South Side...
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Oh hey. I could be up for this, I'm generally free on Thursdays.
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I'd better kickstart my Duolingo Swedish!
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Va rolig, Chrysostom!

About where to meet: I am staying with a friend who reports that "meetup people are likely to know it as the Edgewood part of Regent Square."

Naturally, I have no idea what that means. But I have been told that it can sometimes be difficult to get across town to various places. Happy to meet up at the place most convenient for all, as long as someone else decides what that is.
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I think this will be great fun! I’d love the opportunity to meet Ms. BD and Pittsburgh area Mefites. I know Regent Square well as I lived on Hampton Ave (Wilkinsburg) just behind it. Squirrel Hill is probably the closest spot for good eats/drinks. Hidden Harbor tiki bar would be festive. That said, mmmm, Piper’s Pub is delectable. I’m all the way up in gawd forsaken Beaver County now, but count me in!
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Boooooo, I'm going to My Favorite Murder Live that evening. Have a wonderful time everyone!

If I was joining in on the fun, I would vote for Hidden Harbor (it is really festive and the Poke bowls are excellent) or Piper's Pub.
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Hidden Harbor is in my neighborhood and is super great. Although it's earlier than it seems like it would work for most people, they have an EXCELLENT happy hour from 5-6pm. I haven't been to Piper's Pub, but it looks good too!
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I drive past Hidden Harbor on my way to and from work so that works for me.
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It sounds like the majority votes for Hidden Harbor, which sounds fun to me. Thanks for the suggestions!
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I'm up in Glenshaw now. I'll try to get out and make it, but if I don't it's because I've got a couple of small kids. Maybe I can convince my wife to come (she's way more interesting than me, but not on MeFi,) and we'll bring the kids and sit nearby. We don't really have a regular sitter. So it's a big maybe from me, but maybe we'll have more than one meetup this year?
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I'm ¡MOVING TO PITTSBURGH! along with juliaem — but, like, 2 to 4 weeks after this. Though unlikely, if it happens that we're in town for apartment*- or work-related stuff on the 14th, we'll gladly stop in. Otherwise we'll catch yinz at the next one!
*(P.S., if anyone a line on a 2+ bedroom rental in the East End, holler at me.)
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It sounds like you’re going to be staying like, literally down the street from me. (I live in the Pittsburgh part of Regent Square. Regent Square is a neighborhood that is bizarrely split over four different...municipalities? Pittsburgh, Wilkinsburg, Edgewood, and Swissvale. It means that there are four different trash collectors, different tax structures, different public schools, and so on. Different street names, even!)

But yeah, I’m up for a meetup! If you want to stay in Regent Square, I suggest the Map Room. Usually quiet, cheap drinks, but I don’t think there’s food there?
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Hidden Harbor is super great. Amazing tiki drinks and one of the best chefs in Pittsburgh.
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