4-year anniversary
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Sat February 2 at 5:00 PM, Paymaster Lounge
1020 NW 17th Ave, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
I just went back and reread the thread of the meetup I organized a couple months after I came to Portland at which I learned that "tots" sometimes mean tater tots.
Saturday, February 2nd will the fourth year (minus 29 days) since that meetup.

Come to the Paymaster with me on Saturday, February 2 starting around 5PM.

At the get-together, please tell me something good about Portland. Sometimes I don't see it.
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My last time at the Paymaster I got a misfortune cookie from the vending machine that said: "you will find true love and it will destroy you."

That kind of makes me happy. My first love treated me well but eventually, we realized it wouldn't work long-term. I'm happy because I was never destroyed.

I will be 100% less high at the Paymaster than I am right now.
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I was planning on completely discharging my electric toothbrush that day, as part of the periodic battery maintenance recommended by the manufacturer; but I guess I could put it off a day...

Something good about Portland? I have more and better friends here than I ever did in the 14 years I spent in my previous city. Plus on a good day (and from the right spot) I can see 4 impressively ginormous chunks of rock poking out of the ground in the distance.
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I was planning on completely discharging my electric toothbrush that day, as part of the periodic battery maintenance recommended by the manufacturer

I know right? I was going to organize my sock drawer.
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And then there's my Cheez Whiz collection I have yet to organize...*sigh* No rest for the weary!
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You do you, man, you just do you.
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I don't suppose any of y'all want to come to Astoria instead and go to the Warrenton Crab Feed, do you?
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Oh my. It's too-short notice for me, but if you plan a meetup for next year I'd love to go!
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Shoot, we're going to miss this one. Euphorbia had inner ear problems last week and she seems to be recovered but I think we're just going to continue our nesting behavior this weekend, just burrowing into those cardboard boxes. Oh, and Portland has hummingbirds all year round, which may not be that impressive if you're from somewhere southerly, but which delights me no end.
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Ah, thanks for the hummingbird tip. I saw one yesterday in fact! My grandmother was a serious birdwatcher and it was always so nice to sit on her back porch in summer watching the hummingbird feeder.

You should definitely see the swifts at Chapman School sometime. It's hard to get a good video of them, much better irl.


I hope Euphorbia feels better and I'll look forward to seeing y'all at a meetup soon.
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I'm heading out to the Paymaster now. I'll be there at 5 or a few minutes before.
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Sitting at booth just inside the door.
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We migrated to the back room next to the bar.
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CRAP! How did I forget this? I cracked open the wine and started cooking, that's how. Sorry to flake out on you. :P
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Ah, no worries. Wolfster and I had a fantastic conversation about all kinds of stuff and I got a copy of "All My Friends Are Dead" from the vending machine.

But you'd better come to the next one.
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