Mid-Hudson Valley Hang
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Sat February 9 at 6:00 PM, 52 Main
52 Main St, Millerton, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Let's meet up at 52 Main in Millerton, have a couple beers, help a Hudson Valley noob (me) get situated, and just Be Mefites Together.
(I just kind of picked a day and time, so if most people can't make it, no biggie—I can just change it.)
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I'm across the river in Gardiner, but I'd happily come up to your quadrant. I don't have any venues in Dutchess to recommend outside of Beacon.

My specific availability situation is less flexible than usual, as I've just had surgery, so no travel for a few weeks, but I'm excited about some mid-Hudson Metafilter socialization and I will do all I can to make it happen!
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So glad you're recovering, and yay to Mid-Hudson hangs! A few weeks from now is cool—it might give other folks the chance to see the post and join in.
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In in the lower area of the Hudson valley but would happily come to the Poughkeepsie/Beacon region! I’ve never been to a Mefi meetup before, but it sounds pretty exciting. A few weeks sounds good to me, as well.
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Let’s do this! Can’t wait to meet y’all.
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I'm over in the Newburgh area and work in Wappingers. Would love to have a meet-up! I'm generally free on weekends, so let me know when everyone is ready to schedule something.
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I'm out in Phoenicia and I've never done a Mefi meetup before. Happy to come meet somewhere.
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I'll be in Hudson this weekend for the women's march. Anyone else planning to go?
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Me and Mrs. LRG are also in the Amenia/Millerton/Millbrook/Sharon CT area, have never been to a meetup and would love to do this.

I can recommend 52 Main in Millerton if we do it up near us. I'd be happy to book it.

We'd also be happy to do it closer to Poughkeepsie if more people can make it but I can't recommend a place there.

Friday/Saturday/Sundays all good.
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52 Main is great! I was just there a few weekends ago for a "guy with an acoustic doing covers" show and had a blast.

Let's meet up there. I'll put the official date as Saturday, February 9th, but if most people can't make it then, I can change it up.
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Wooooo, I'll see everyone on Saturday!
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(PS, I’m a blond gal wearing a tan sweater. See y’all there!)
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I have a lot of graying facial hair and will be there around 6:25. Longer drive than I thought.
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The best! Happy to meet y’all.
posted by functionequalsform at 4:44 PM on February 13, 2019

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