NYC MeFi Knitting (And Other Craft) Circle
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Sun January 13 at 11:00 AM, City Bakery
3 W 18th St, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Our regular monthly meetup. All portable crafts are welcome. (Special bonus joke for the regulars inside.)
If you've turned up at one of the past meetings you will recall that I've been working on a lacey purple scarf for forever. Well, I finally finished - and wore that while I was at home for Christmas. And Mom raved over it - then remarked that "say, something like that would be perfect for your sister in law for Christmas next year." are going to be seeing me starting another one of those same scarves. Let's see if it takes me less time this time.
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Ooooohh! I will have just moved to NY that week, I am a knitter, and this will probably be one of the only Sundays I have off for the foreseeable future. SO, hard maybe?
posted by mollymayhem at 10:37 AM on January 2, 2019

Hi Molly - you're in luck, because this is a regular monthly gathering. We generally meet the second Sunday of every month in (usually) this same location. (It closes in summer, as we found to our surprise once, and we may have to decamp then.)

If this month doesn't work for you we'll be at it again in February.
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I kinda guessed that looking at when you've met historically, but after this month (and probably February now that I think about it) I'll have work every Sunday until my show closes.
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Congrats on finishing your scarf! Good luck on the new one!

Molly, welcome! Fingers crossed you can make it!
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grar - folks, I have the beginnings of a cold today. I'm going to see how I am tomorrow; it seems to be fairly low-impact so far (even without my taking any medication), so I'm going to see how I feel tomorrow after actually taking pseudoephedrine. But there is a chance I may have to sit this one out.

Will re-assess tomorrow.
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I will be there, in all probability a little early.

New people (this is record RSVP numbers): I am a guy. I will put knitting on the table if I'm the only one there. We sit upstairs.
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Sorry to miss it, but I need to finish a few things and I wasn't on top of them yesterday. Hope to see you next month!
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I'm out, I'm afraid. Not at death's door, but not quite on all cylinders.

Phooey. Catch everyone next time.
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I’m in! A record three months in a row!
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I am right at the top of the stairs.
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It’s nice here! We’re all quietly making purposeful tiny motions.
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I am on the way, but have very important potential cat adoption business to take care of on the way! How long are you folks typically there?
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I, uh, ended up adopting a cat. He and I are on our way back to Harlem in a cab. Catch you all next month!
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Yay for new cats!
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