Gamelan! What is it, you may ask?
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Sat December 8 at 6:45 PM, Fisher Performance Room, Granoff Music Center, Tufts University
20 Talbot Ave, Medford, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
My son and I are going to see a Gamelan Ensemble performance by Gamelan Laras Tentrem and the Tufts University Gamelan Ensemble: tomorrow, Saturday 12/8, 7pm*, at the Granoff Music Center, Fisher Performance Room, 20 Talbot St, Somerville. We'll meet at 6:45 in front of the Fisher Performance Room (see my comment below*) inside the Granoff Music Building at Tufts U, 20 Talbot Ave in Somerville. (I think it may one floor below the entrance) If we're hungry and it's not too late, we'll go and eat something afterwards.
Here's the text on the invite:

Gamelan Laras Tentrem and the Tufts University Gamelan Ensemble (Rinengga Sih
Tentrem), invite you to a concert of traditional Javanese music on Saturday,
December 8th, 8:00pm 7pm*, in Fisher Performance Room, Tufts University,
Somerville/Medford Campus. Admission is free.

The performance will feature guest artists I.M. Harjito, a renowned Javanese
musician and composer currently on the faculty of Wesleyan University, and
Heni Savitri, a pesindhen (vocal soloist) currently affiliated with UC
Berkeley. The ensembles are directed by Barry Drummond.

Ladrang Wilujeng, laras plog pathet lima

Ketawang Kinanthi Pawukir, laras slndro pathet manyura

Gendhing Muntap kethuk 4 kerep minggah 8, laras plog pathet lima

Gendhing Guntur kethuk 2 kerep minggah Majemuk kethuk 4 kalajengaken ladrang
Moncr, laras slndro pathet nem

Gendhing Yektiraras kethuk 2 kerep minggah ladrang Kijing Miring, laras plog
pathet nem

Gendhing Bandhilori kethuk 2 kerep minggah ladrang ling-ling Kasmaran
kalajengaken ketawang Sinom Logondhang, laras slndro pathet sanga

Ladrang Arjuna Mangsah, laras plog pathet barang


Gamelan Laras Tentrem, founded in 1979 as the Boston Village Gamelan, was one
of the first independent gamelan ensembles in America dedicated to the
performance of traditional music of Central Java. The ensemble has been
mentored by prominent Javanese musicians including I.M. Harjito, Sumarsam,
Wakidi Hardjo Martoyo and Darsono Hadiraharjo. For more information on the
GLT, view the website at:

Gamelan at Tufts University consists of both ensemble courses in Javanese
music and the residency of Gamelan Laras Tentrem. Rehearsals are open to the
public and new participants are encouraged. We are currently actively looking
for new members to join the ensemble. Prior Javanese gamelan experience, while
welcomed, is not a prerequisite. If interested in joining please send an email
to for more information.

Javanese Gamelan Ensemble for middle and high school students is also offered
as part of the Tufts University Community Music Programs. For more information
please click on the following link:
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I'm going to a party in Lynn beforehand but I do love gamelan so I may join you. Thanks for posting this!
posted by Sheydem-tants at 1:53 AM on December 8, 2018

This sounds fun.

I’m also game for dinner and would be happy to go wherever including, but not limited to: Mint Indian Eatery or Tu Y Yo (they’re down in Powderhouse Sq) or Sabur or Broadway Eatery (over in Teele Sq)
posted by pickles_have_souls at 5:10 AM on December 8, 2018

Per the Tufts Music events calendar, the show starts at 7.

That might be just to make sure people get there on time, but I'll shoot to be at Granoff Hall a little before 7.
posted by Sheydem-tants at 6:28 AM on December 8, 2018

I do see that it does say 7pm on the Tufts Music Calendar. IIRC, the guy running the show may be a bit of an airhead when it comes to organization, so I would actually defer to the Tufts Schedule, rather than what Barry Drummond emailed to his listserv. 8pm did seem a bit late...

SO SLIGHT GAME CHANGE: I'll meet whoever's coming IN FRONT OF THE ENTRANCE TO THE FISHER ROOM in Granoff around 6:45. (I have a beard and an orange tuque; my son's a millenial with short blond hair and a grey and black jacket.)

If we're super early and the Tufts calendar was wrong (i.e. performance starts at 8), we can always get a slice of pizza if anyone's hungry! If we're hungry afterwards, and have enough energy (we may not), we can opt to get something somewhere, but it may be late, so no pressure. I'll change the posting accordingly.
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*changed timing on the post; I'm going to eat something at home beforehand just so I don't arrive hungry.

I also sent an email to the organizer to confirm the time. If it's really 8pm, I'll post again. Sorry folks! People—whatcha gonna do about'em. I welcome our new AI overlords.
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@not_on_display: I'll shoot for 6:45. I have short brown hair, glasses, and will be wearing a brown jacket and black leggings.
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@Sheydem-tants: thanks!
@Pickles: I know you already! Even if you dressed the same exact as Sheydem-tants, I could tell you apart. Unless by some strange coincidence you were twins seperated at birth.
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Sweet! I'll be there at 6:45 in a bright blue puffy coat, glasses, jeans and a hat.
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Update: son's backing out. (he has a hall pass.) I'll still have an orange tuque, and maybe an orange hoodie too, with someone else's name on it's sleeve. I'll be going as the confused traffic cone.
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Confirmed, from the director: show starts at 7PM. "Sorry for the confusion." Dude has the ability to spread gamelan to wider audiences and bah. Although I am not not a hippie, this guy's a hippie! We'll get great seats before everyone piles in halfway through the show. :D
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Hey thanks for coming! That was totally weird music.
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