No One Is Above the Law: Washington, DC - Mueller Protection Rapid Response
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Thu November 8 at 5:00 PM, Pennsylvania Avenue, north of the White House
1565 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC, USA (Map & Directions)
Hi! If you're planning to attend this evening's protest in DC, please check in here! Share your ideas, suggestions, and news.
  • Organizers are asking participants to gather at 5 pm, on Pennsylvania Ave on the north side of the White House.
  • Consider signing up for the official mailing list for the DC protest. Organizers may send out important notifications.
  • If you're coming in via the metro, the two closest stations are Metro Center (Red/Blue/Orange/Silver lines) and McPherson Square Station (Blue/Orange/Silver lines). Both are within ~3 blocks walking distance.
  • The metro stops running at 11:30 pm this evening.
  • The weather forecast calls for clear skies and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40s. Dress accordingly.
  • Think twice before bringing large bags, or anything that could be (mis)characterized as a weapon (such as rigid signposts). Things will probably be fine –the DC police have plenty of experience handling protests –but if they aren't, these items could attract unwanted attention.
  • The ACLU has a handy explainer about your rights when protesting in DC.
  • This will probably be a peaceful protest. However, no permit has been secured, and there's always the chance that arrests will be made. If you take important medication, bring it with you. If you do get arrested, you will be permitted one phone call – write someone's number on your arm, in case yourphone is confiscated.
  • From the organizers (via the email blast they sent last night): "If you would like to volunteers as a marshall for the event, please arrive at 4 PM and meet at the statue in the center of Lafayette Park."
  • MetaTalk thread for general (non-DC-specific) discussion of protest efforts.
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Does anyone have recommendations for who to call on the off chance I get arrested? In the MetaTalk thread, Mrs. Pterodactyl says that (she believes) you can only call a 202 number if you're arrested in DC.
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It me! I just picked a friend I know with a 202 number who said she'd be my emergency contact. If necessary, could you get a friend or family member to get a free Google voice number with a 202 area code?

DC also has a weird setup that no one else has called post and forfeit so if you think there's any chance you're going to get arrested it's worth having I think $50 cash on you (you can probably use a card too) -- I believe (but am not sure and am also not a lawyer) that it basically means you post your bail, forfeit your bail, and there are no formal charges. There's no guarantee this will happen but I'm told it's pretty common.
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Always happy to help (:
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To clarify the bail situation in DC (from the ACLU's PDF, linked in the OP):

Booking may happen at the local precinct, Park Police headquarters, or the Capitol. You will be either:
  1. cited (given a court date) and released; or
  2. allowed to “post and forfeit” (pay to have case dropped; arrest will remain on record but no conviction) – amount depends on charge but usually $25–100 for demonstration-related offenses; or
  3. detained at Central Cell Block, 300 Indiana Ave NW, until brought to court.
Earlier in the PDF, they recommend carrying $100 cash, if possible, presumably for the bail.
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I can't make it tonight but I have a 202 Google Voice number so let me know if anyone needs to use it for this.
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I'll be there around 6! I'll look for your sign, potato planet.
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can't make it out at 5, but will come by when i leave the office later. appreciate those of you who do show up timely. thx especially, escape from the potato planet and Mrs. Pterodactyl.
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I'm leaving the office in about 15. I can't stay long but I have to do *something*
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