Nobody is Above the Law: Austin - Mueller Protection Rapid Response
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Thu November 8 at 5:00 PM, Austin City Hall
301 W 2nd St, Austin, TX, USA (Map & Directions)
Austin MeFites: come band together and stand together at city hall this evening as we mobilize to demand protection for the Mueller investigation to hold president Trump and the cronies of his administration accountable for their actions. The forced resignation of Jeff Sessions and the subsequent replacement of Rod Rosenstein by Trumpist stooge Matt Whittaker should not go unanswered. This is nothing but a transparent step towards ending or discrediting the investigation, and the people of Austin, Texas will not be fooled.
I'm proposing this meet up so that we can all link up once we're there. My wife and I will be coming, but since we're north of the city, it may take us upwards of an hour to make it down there. I would like to hear any proposals from other attendees as to where we might carve out a little MetaFilter brigade that we can all find. Hope to see you all there!
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Looks like we'll be there. Probably won't have time to make a sign, or anything, because it'll be a scramble to get downtown by 5. But depending on the emotional state of the kiddo, we'll be there.
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I can't make it by five, but I'll try to get there when I can.
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So, it seems like of everyone who has checked in so far may not be there right at 5, and even then, may only be able to swing through. That might actually make things easier!

I'm trying to picture the terrain in my head- As you're looking at the main entrance to the building, there's those rocks and some steps and a little well off to the left. Can we say that somewhere in that area might be good to be near?
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I think that sounds fine. Depending, I may be coming either by car or straight from work. In the former case, I'll probably be a bit late but extremely visible; in the latter, I'll be definitely on time and maybe early but won't have the fuck-off big Cap shield. (Spouse has an exam to write at 3p; I'm debating whether to just bus straight from campus or wait for the pickup, as I'm the genius who left her sweater in the car this morning and now I'm cold.) I suspect they'll bring my shield and sweater if I do decide to bus down, so it will be mostly a matter of me deciding how I want to play things.
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Update: according to Google maps' forecast, we may not make it until 6:30 or even 7:00 with traffic. Yikes!
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Still coming, of course.
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Okay, so it looks like we aren't going to make it after all. My wife's got a pretty serious migraine, so I'm going to stay at home and watch out for her. Don't stay in on our account, though!
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It ended just after 6 so you would have missed it. It ended abruptly!
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