Cambridge, England meet-up
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Tue October 16 at 7:00 PM, Salisbury Arms
Tenison Rd, Cambridge CB1 2DW, UK (Map & Directions)
I'm going to be in Cambridge, England for a little while later this month and one evening my wife is going to be otherwise occupied. Meetup?
The night in question is Tuesday, October 16th, which is maybe not ideal in terms of it being a weeknight and all, but are there any Cambridge or Cambridge-area MeFites who would be interested in meeting up for a drink and a bite to eat, perhaps? Obviously I am wide-open to suggestion re. time and venue.
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Sounds good - I should be able to meet up sometime after work. Mill Road area has a good selection of pubs and local restaurants and its handy for the station if anyone wants to come from a bit further afield.
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Mill Road isn’t too far from where I’ll be staying, so that sounds good to me! I do like a good pub, although if this is going to be an after work thing for some people a place that also serves food would probably be the way to go.
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Salisbury Arms does decent food + very near the station
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That place would be fine by me! I guess really the only other criteria I'd have for a potential location is somewhere that doesn't blare music so loud you have trouble holding a conversation (I'm looking at you, TONS OF BARS AND RESTAURANTS IN TORONTO).
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Should be fine - I think they do play music, but not at a deafening level
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Cheers...shall we declare that the venue, then? And what time would be good for people?
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7 is fine for me
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Whoops, I just realized that I had messed up the date on the main post; hopefully people can still make it out for 7:00 tomorrow and not Thursday! I'm going to be in London for the day, but I'll make sure I'm back for 7:00. Doesn't seem like we're going to have a large group, so I don't think we'll need reservations?
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Good day! As it turns out I won't be in London today after all, so it should be easy for me to arrive at the pub a bit before 7:00. Looking forward to meeting anyone, MeFite or not, who can make it out! I'm a guy with reddish hair, black glasses and I'll have a grey satchel; I'll also give "Metafilter" as the name to ask for.
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Just got here, and it’s actually quite busy...standing out front at the moment.
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We're now at a table at the back of the pub
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