Minneapolis, want to meet an old fool?
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Wed October 10 at 6:00 PM, Hell's Kitchen
80 S 9th St, Minneapolis, MN, USA (Map & Directions)
I'll be in Minneapolis from October 8th through the 12th with nothing to do in the evenings. The current plan is to meet at Hell's Kitchen at 6 pm on the 10th. More inside.
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8th through 12th of October, yes?

I like to meet mefites, I'm up for something.
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I'd be up for dinner & drinks, or just dinner, or just drinks, most of those nights.

The one time I went to an out-of-town mefi meetup while traveling was awesome. I hope something gels here.
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I'm down. I used to go to a bunch of bay area meetups, haven't been to any in Minneapolis since I moved back.
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Sorry, yes. October.
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I'm staying at the LuMinn/Hotel Minneapolis, but I could take a ride share to somewhere else.
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I'm in!
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I'll be in town for work stuff so I'll be busy between 9 and 5, and I imagine my hosts will want to take me out on Thursday so let's start with a proposed evening of Wednesday the 10th, 6:00 pm, at Hell's Kitchen. Looks affordable, and the food looks good. I've made an easily cancelable reservation for seven people. Would that work?

If cost is a deterrent I could probably pick-up a check or two. Would be happy to do it.
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I just bought a mefi t-shirt which I'll be wearing at the venue. I have a long braided ponytail and a beard.
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I may be there we shall see
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I live exactly four blocks from Hell's Kitchen, so how could I refuse? I've not been there but also heard good things. Looking forward to meeting some Twin Cities Mefites; I've only lived in town for two months.
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Sounds like fun! I'll be flying back in that evening, so likely won't make it this time, unfortunately.
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If you have the opportunity, stop by. Who knows how late we'll be there.
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Hey, I'll be at home! Adding it to the calendar and will try to make it over.
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Just want to confirm that this is definitely on October 10th and not October 4th?
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No, it's the 10th. Fixed.
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So I'm here in your fine city and very much looking forward to seeing folks tomorrow.
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I just realized that I forgot to pack my MetaFilter t-shirt so look for a hippy in a brown hoodie instead.
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With apologies, I was in Duluth for 12 hours yesterday for work and I'll be in St. Cloud tomorrow similarly so I am going to have to bow out in order to crash from yesterday and get ready for tomorrow. I hope you will come through town again, Stanczyk, and I hope I will get another chance to meet the rest of you sometime soon.
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I'll be there just after six. Tall man with glasses and blondish-brownish long-ish hair, black coat with a black lives matter pin, orange and white pinstripe collared shirt and gray slacks.
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(minus the plus one, she's feeling under the weather)
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I'm so sorry, but I am in day 2 of some kind of a horrible lurgy and won't be able to make it. I was hoping to feel better by tonight (I <3 Hell's Kitchen) but I can hardly drag myself off the couch, plus my voice is gone so I wouldn't be a great conversationalist anyway. :( I hope you all have fun though.
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Got here early -- have beard and blue button-up shirt, sitting at bar.
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Running a few minutes late; see you soon!
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Big thanks to those who were able to attend. Had a great time. Hope to see you again soon.
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