Post-Hurricane Florence meetup
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After the storm blows through and we've picked up the pieces, let's meet up somewhere.
We should start by chatting about the whens and wheres of a meetup, since as I write this we don't know what the hurricane's gonna do.
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I love this. Something to remind us the world probably won't be completely destroyed this weekend.

I have quite a lot of travel coming up over the next few weeks so I won't try to make you work around me - but consider me a YES if I happen to be in town.
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I'm up for it! I was surprised to see how many MeFi peeps are here in the backyard. :) Stay safe kids & we'll see you on the other side.
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I haven't been to one of these in a while. I support this idea.
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Sounds fun. I'm in Cary so Raleigh or Durham work for me.
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Like thivaia, I haven't been to one of these for awhile. I'm on board.
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Yes, great idea, ardgedee. Probably when depends on just how bad things get. For the moment I am assuming that things will be mostly back to normal in the Triangle by the following weekend (22nd and 23rd) and we might all be ready for a little fun and games by then, but maybe people will still be dealing with power outages and whatnot.

Looking forward to seeing folks, and I hope we can corral some of the Triangle MeFites in the thread who maybe haven't been to a meetup in a while (or ever). We are pretty fun and chill and try pretty hard to be as welcoming as is comfortable to shy/reserved folks. It's totally fine to sit back and listen to everybody else gab, and I'm sure we will all have our share of storm stories by then. Please consider joining us!
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Yes, please. I'm new to Durham and have been freaking out about this storm, so something to look forward to the following weekend would be amazing.
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I don't want to fix a date yet, since it's too early to know whether the Triangle will sail through this storm unscathed or have a week-long blackout to recover from. But we can talk venues. Where would you all like to meet up?
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I will be bringing hot sauce made with my first batch of Carolina Reaper peppers this year. Trying it is entirely voluntary.

Also, for those of you who have experience overwintering pepper plants, I have two Carolina Reaper cuttings to give away. If kept alive through the winter, they should give you an early start on Carolina Reapers next year. Super hot peppers tend to be slow starters - this site estimates 220 to 250 days between planting a seed and having a mature Carolina Reaper pepper, with up to 60 days being taken up from germination until ready to transplant outdoors. So the cuttings will let you experience the joys of Carolina Reaper peppers earlier next summer!
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I'm in Durham, would love to join if the scheduling & location work. Would like to bring my SO if that's cool.
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Guests are always welcome!
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A side note about the mechanics of organizing a meetup: Most restaurants in the area (the ones that don't mandate reservations) will only accept reservations for a party of a dozen or more. So a big group can be easier to plan than a small group that requires people to coordinate arrivals and squat tables.

tl;dr: The more, the merrier.
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If folks are willing to brave downtown Raleigh, I'm dying to try the new Morgan Street Food Hall, which lends itself to peoples' idiosyncratic food preferences, as well as an amorphous number of people who may drop in or out.
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Rock Steady, I was just hearing about that place on Monday. I would be willing to trek to Raleigh for the rolled ice cream! haha!
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Heh. I'm famously a rolled ice cream curmudgeon in my family, as we've been to Milk Lab in Cary a couple of times. Personally, I think it gets too ice-crystally, but I do admit the performative aspect of it is pretty fun.
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I love the milk foam cap tea at Milk Lab! Sipping tea through the layer of creamy, salty milk foam is not to be missed. And they have the best boba of the bubble tea places I’ve tried in the area.
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Now I think we should meet at Milk Lab.
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It's really all about the company... but I'd vote for Morgan Street, given my druthers.

(I'm only a Maybe because of the scheduling uncertainty. Am looking forward to seeing folks.)
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> Now I think we should meet at Milk Lab.

I would back this 100% except the space is pretty small.
posted by ardgedee at 4:39 PM on September 12

Morgan Street it is then!
posted by leesh at 5:31 PM on September 12

I would love to go but will need a ride. I have a bum leg and can't drive for another couple weeks.
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I'm down for Morgan Street! Can we please do it on a Saturday or Sunday? I work until 8pm on weekdays. :(
posted by yoga at 11:29 AM on September 13

Where in Durham are you stewriffic?
posted by yoga at 11:30 AM on September 13

There's a boba tea place place at Morgan Street too! I have not been yet but would be excited to try it (hehe I am always about some boba). Milk Lab is great and I like Kung Fu Tea in Cary too.
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looks like leesh could give me a ride, yay!!
posted by Stewriffic at 6:50 AM on September 14

No worries, I'll grab Stewie!!
posted by leesh at 6:50 AM on September 14

Um, jinx?
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I never did make it to New Orleans like I was supposed to last weekend, so I could really use a pick me up. This weekend is great for me, and the Food Hall is open morning until late night, so whatever people think. From a traffic/parking/table-finding perspective, I feel like a late lunch on Saturday or Sunday would be best, but I'm flexible.
posted by Rock Steady at 7:22 AM on September 18

Aw! I am all in for a late lunch. Can do Saturday, not Sunday.
posted by leesh at 7:54 AM on September 18

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