Every Time I Say Goat-bye
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Wed September 5 at 6:00 PM, The Original Billy Goat Tavern
430 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
First Wednesday is nearly upon us! Cheap grill food and beers at the still weirdly upgraded Original Billy Goat Tavern. Then karaoke for what is rumored to be the last time Angela's last First Wednesday behind the bar at Live Wire Lounge. She's delightful and so are you. Plus, it's a short work week--what do you have to lose? Join us, won't you?
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I'll have a Goat round at the airport a bit early in solidarity.
posted by eotvos at 11:06 AM on September 1, 2018 [3 favorites]

I'll either be there with a +1 or will have to miss this month, so I've downgraded myself to a maybe.
posted by jessypie at 8:08 AM on September 3, 2018

I'll be there but somewhat late again.
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I'm sitting on a plane in Austin on my way to Dallas and very much wish I was having a cheezborger with y'all.
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Check your hair for foliage before leaving the house today, kids.
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