DragonCon 2018 theoretical meetup
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Thu August 30 at 8:00 PM, Sheraton Atlanta
165 Courtland St NE, Atlanta, GA, USA (Map & Directions)
DragonCon 2018 is nigh and the schedule app update is out. Past years have proven that an actual designated time & place for a mefi meetup is logistically unlikely, but, just wanted to open a thread for roll call/friend code exchange/panel postmortems, etc.
(I've put 8pm Thursday Sheraton as a placeholder only, I have no idea where in Atlanta I will be at 8pm Thursday)
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I will be at my first DragonCon this year but I have no idea at all when/where exactly :)
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Congrats, litlnemo. This will be my 10th year in a row attending, if I can offer any pointers, let me know. The Unique Geek's "50 Days of DragonCon" podcast is a good source of info, as each year they count down to con by interviewing various track directors. Probably not worth your time to try to listen to all 40-something 2018 episodes before Thursday, but maybe check for tracks you are particularly/potentially interested in. And the EPBOT blog's DragonCon Survival Guide info is useful.

I'm staying in the Hilton this year, rooming with my buddy Rob Levy. I don't have any set plans yet -- I've added many many many panels to my schedule in the app by show (Black Lightning, Travelers, Arrowverse, Luke Cage, Lost Girl, Killjoys, etc), by track (I gravitate towards X-Track and Urban Fantasy), and whatever panels Rob is moderating (well, all his Doctor Who panels at least). But generally I don't make up my mind about the first panel of the day until breakfast, and then spend the rest of the day figuring out where to go next based on walking distance/line length/energy level.
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Doing a Saturday only this year. Not sure what I'm going to wear. There's an Eye of Sauron shirt I'm considering, but that's not a done deal. I'll be with a Harley and Ivy though. It's guaranteed my household will have at least one extended visit to the walk of fame.
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I was going to do a retro-style bubble helmet spacesuit costume again, but time kind of got away from me. I'll just be walking around aimlessly for 3 days, with no actual plans or agenda, as I usually do at DragonCon.
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I'm going to be there with the family, housed at the Westin. I'll be wandering around behind my 14 year old, ensuring he gets in the right amount of trouble. :)
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We'll be at the Westin as well!

I think we're headed over on Wednesday, and definitely plan on hitting wrestling Thursday night, but other than that, I am not sure. We'll be there all weekend.
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I am not at DragonCon, but my spouse is. Yesterday, he walked in to see a huge booth dedicated to "KekCon", some proposed future Nazi gathering in Atlanta. He tried to register a complaint yesterday, and it didn't go well. If you are at DragonCon, please help my spouse out today by joining him in letting the powers that be know that Nazis should not be welcome at DragonCon. Please meet him at M-108 Information Services in the Marriott at noon today (Saturday) to formally register a complaint that has mostly been dismissed so far.
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I should have said that he is in fact MeFi's own from way back, and I wouldn't be here if he hadn't introduced me to here.
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Hydropsyche, where at con is this Nazi booth set up? I don’t know if I can get to M108 by noon from where I’ll be at 11, but I’m definitely wiling to add my voice to the complaint.
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I’m here with no plans other than to see the PDX Broadsides in a while. I didn’t get here until late afternoon.
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I’m dressed as Silver Age Triplicate Girl from the LSH today. Say hi if you see me!
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Hope everyone had a good con - I know they were predicting more people than last year, but, it actually felt a little less crowded to me. I mean, still crowded, but, I didn't have as many "yikes, where's the fire marshal at" moments as last year. And as far as I know there weren't any crazy incidents like last year's 'somebody threw a chair into the lobby from an upper floor and could have killed a person' (I'm told the chair-thrower was identified at some point too).

I had fun, made it into every panel I tried for, and took plenty of photos: Flickr album. See you all (virtually) next year.
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