St. Louis! Let's do Forest Park.
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Sat August 18 at 12:30 PM, St. Louis Art Museum
1 Fine Arts Dr, St. Louis, MO, USA (Map & Directions)
So I'm in the St Louis area for work until November, and I have an extremely rare day off on Saturday. Let's hang out!
I'm thinking a brief meander through the art museum and the zoo, but mostly I'd like to take the opportunity to explore the city with Mefites that know the place better than I do. It's a beautiful city, I'm quite enamored with it, and I wouldn't mind hanging out with people that aren't from work. Come show off your city, and I'll tell you campaign stories! It's a win-win!
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This weekend is the St. Louis World's Fare Festival and I was already planning on being out in Forest Park for a few hours on Saturday (I have a friend that will have a tent set up for her art). They'll have food trucks and a beer garden and bands and a ferris wheel (among other things), so yeah, I'm down for hanging out with a random MeFite for a bit.

I was thinking about throwing my bike in my car and riding around a bit since the weather looks decent (by August standards) and hopefully the rain will have moved out by then, so if you have any interest in something like that, it's definitely an option as well.
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I am a sucker for a Ferris wheel, and also for anything remotely related to a World's Fair. I'll be in a grey-green maxis dress and a straw hat with embroidered flowers.
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Unfortunately, we've already got plans that involve a day trip out of town. Generally we're up for whatever, any other day.
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Sent you my cell number through MeMail, dogheart. Feel free to text me tomorrow. I'll probably roll up that way around 1:00 or 2:00.
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Sorry it didn't work out for me to join, but I'm not quite up for anything that requires a ton of walking around or driving myself anywhere yet. I went to Vermont on crutches last week, and I was only just able to walk a few steps unassisted as of Saturday. I climbed a few steps unassisted for the first time in months this evening.

So I'm getting there, but didn't feel up for a Forest Park jaunt quite yet. Maybe we can make another meetup happen soon that requires less walking!
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