Pittsburgh Meet Up?
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I just moved to Pittsburgh and would love to make some friends and meet some mefites IRL!
Open to any date, time, or place but to get the ball rolling how about dinner or drinks on the afternoon/evening of Saturday, September 8th?
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I was just thinking that I should make a post like this myself and you did it for me. Too early in the morning to come up with venue suggestions but I and spouse should be able to make this.
posted by octothorpe at 4:43 AM on August 13

I should be able to make it! While I am always happy to try out a new place, I do remember that a past MeFi meetup at Arsenal Cider House seemed to go really nicely because of their nice outdoor patio space. I also know New Amsterdam over in Lawrenceville has a nice little roof deck as well.
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Now that I'm awake, can I suggest Federal Galley as meeting place? There's nice outdoor spaces and four different restaurants.
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Dang it, I would really love to come but I'll be at a wedding. If you would consider an alternate date, any other Saturday in September works for me.
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Saturday evenings in September are quite empty right now, so I’m definitely interested.
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We are interested; extra points for a venue that’s accessible. Social at Bakery Square is easy to get to and has a nice patio - it’s also the least Pittsburgh-y of all these places.
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Welcome to Pittsburgh!

I'd be game but I think I'm out of town that weekend.
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Great! For those of you who are busy on the 8th, would Saturday the 15th work any better?

I'm loving the suggestions for venues. Federal Gallery or Arsenal Cider House sounds great--deliriouscool, would either of those be accessible? Otherwise Social looks like it'll work too!

If anybody has any comments on the date or venue let me know otherwise I'll pick a time and place so folks can get it on their schedule! Also if anybody has an abundance of free time and wants to meet up with me (and maybe my dog?) for a drink or coffee or something else fun in the meantime, send me a message!
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Also free on the 15th. September is wide open, kid's league soccer games aside. I like the idea of Social or Federal Gallery, as I have not been to either yet.

Welcome to Pittsburgh! I hope you have not encountered the insane flooding yet. It feels like it has been especially bad this year.
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Social is definitely accessible; Federal Galley is I think but I'm not 100% sure. I'll try to walk over there this weekend to make sure.

I'm not really a big fan of social myself. It's not terrible but it's so generic that it might as well just be called "Restaurant".
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We love the Smallman Galley, so comparing to Federal would be great. As would be seeing you guys, it’s been awhile. (And welcome to Pittsburgh! If you ever have need to use the Mt Washington dog park, ping me. We’re not far from there, despite being cat peeps.)
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