Bee in the bonny city of Manchester!
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Sat August 4 at 2:30 PM, Gold bee in front of Piccadilly Station
3 Piccadilly, Manchester M1 2BN, UK (Map & Directions)
Let's go on a stroll, discover all the bees and find a pub to get stuck into.
Wild in Art and Manchester City Council are bringing all of Manchester’s communities together for Bee in the City – a stunning public art trail of over 100 individually designed giant Bee sculptures. Crafted by regional professional and emerging artists, it will weave its way across the city during the summer of 2018. There are also 131 Little Bees on display, designed by local schools, nurseries and youth groups. It’s free, it’s fun, it’s fascinating – and it will be in Manchester from 23 July – 23 September 2018.
Here's a link to the walking trail map.

Let's meet at bee #1 (linked above on the map) at 2:30 pm on Saturday, August 4th. It's the big gold bee just outside the entrance to Piccadilly station.
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Any weekend after 2 apart from this and 18/19 august

Also last time the city had bees as art, it had to be 'put in storage' after shedding multiple 2-meter metal spikes, so make sure to wear a hat!
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Ok, what about either Sunday, August 5th or Sunday, August 26th? Both are bank holiday weekends.
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Ok, what about either Sunday, August 5th or Sunday, August 26th? Both are bank holiday weekends.

6th August is not a BH in England, I'm afraid; only in Scotland. You made the same mistake I made yesterday because of that bastard MS Outlook calendar.
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Dammit! I fall for that every year.
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I might be able to make a weekend in this timeframe. September is looking a bit more on the possible side.
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I totally feel you on that, winterhill!

How would either this Saturday August 4th or Saturday September 8th work for everyone?
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I am in Manchester on the 4th, but busy until 5ish.

Sunday 5th not being a bank holiday, does that work for winterhill? September 8th also works for me.
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Confirming this meetup thread was an ordeal. I couldn't for the life of me get the time picker to understand any inputs and I had to chose a nearby address because unknown reasons. Then it threw an error and lost my updates. Whew, that aside…

Let's meet on Saturday, August 4 at 2:30 pm at bee #1 — it's the gold bee just in front of the main doors to Piccadilly station.

asok, I'm sorry but I can't do Sunday if it's not a bank holiday. We'll still be buzzing about if you want to meet us at 5ish?
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Gah, August 4th I cannot do, I have to manage a tearful visit between the rabbit and his former guardian.

I could possibly be drunk in attendance later however.
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It's still happening! I'm bringing my partner and a friend, not sure if anybody else will join us but I'm determined to walk around and find bees regardless. Then definitely going for a drink around 5; hopefully asok and davemee will join us all then too.
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I think I may have managed to pick up the bee trail brochure before drink yesterday, but god knows if I still have it. Some of the bees are out in the orbital boroughs of central Manchester, the collyhursts and harpurhays, so it will be quite a trek to catch ‘em all.

Also the intriguing conveyor-belt hotpot restaurant is apparently *not* closed, merely not answering their phones - alpha+, if anyone is up for it.
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Sure, what’s the hotpot place?
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That's it, thanks!
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Yes! They’re Facebook-based, internetically, as we discovered last night.
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