NYC DSA feminist working group July meeting
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Sat July 14 at 2:00 PM, UAW
256 W 38th St, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Hi! After discussion about the DSA in the politics megathread and some enthusiastic PMs, someone suggested we make an IRL event (thanks bilabial!). This is pretty much what it says on the tin. I've never been to this working group before, so I don't totally know what to expect, but I would be happy to meet up with various MeFites there. This is the DSA's description of the event.
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Oops, probably should have commented -- I'll be on my way in about an hour. I have no idea how many people are likely to be there, but I'll probably just walk around asking people if they're from the internet.
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Here! Full room, I am first seat by the door for anyone who’s here
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