Progressives at Peregrine Espresso
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Sun July 8 at 5:15 PM, Peregrine Espresso
660 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC, USA (Map & Directions)
The DC DSA chapter's next general meeting is 3-5pm on Sunday, 7/8, and I thought it would be great for those of us who are going or who are interested in politics and activism generally to have a place to talk shop afterward. You are also absolutely welcome if you are ambivalent about joining or being involved in the DSA or don't want to go to the meeting -- this meetup is truly for DC progressives of all stripes. The cafe, Peregrine Express, was chosen for its proximity to the Eastern Market Metro.
Please memail me if you have any concerns or suggestions. I decided to post this meetup based on response to my comment in the politics mega-thread.
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Hey everybody, I'm heading out to the general meeting now. If you're looking for me -- either at the picnic or at the cafe afterward -- I'm a brunette white woman and will be wearing a blue and white checked/plaid t-shirt and burgundy pants and carrying a big pink purse. Also feel free to memail me. I'm excited to meet you all!
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Child caring and a wife who is traveling for work is forcing me to shift from a maybe to a no, but I look forward to hearing about the general meeting from anyone who goes and hope to see/meet y'all in the near future.
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I am at the general meeting and will walk over to Peregrine when the meeting ends. I am a white man with dark curly hair wearing a burgundy t-shirt.
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Thanks for arranging this! I had a good time and based on our discussion decided to join the DSA to be more involved.
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Thanks everybody for coming out! It was great to meet you, and I really enjoyed comparing notes on the DSA and talking about activism and politics.

And for everyone that was interested but couldn't make it today -- we decided we'd like to do this regularly!

After the meeting/discussion today, I think that all of us there felt interested in getting more involved with the DSA, both in terms of going to more general meetings and in terms of getting involved with a working group or two. (Please me-mail me if you're interested in going to DC general body, NOVA chapter, and/or feminist committee meetings together!). And like I said, we will hopefully continue having a coffee break together after general body meetings, too.

Involvement or even interest in the DSA is by no means a prerequisite for coming out to have a coffee, though! All progressives are entirely welcome. Speaking for myself, but in my mind this is not at all meant to be a DSA-specific thing, this is meant to be a "MeFite DC progressives come together for activism and politics" thing :)
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