Midsummer Night Swing at the Lincoln Center
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Sat July 14 at 6:00 PM, Lincoln Center, Damrosch Park
60 Lincoln Center Plaza, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
I have a free weekend, and I want to do all the New York things I've never gotten to do, like the summer swing dancing at the Lincoln Center.
Ambassador pass tickets for the night of July 14th with the Harlem Renaissnace Orchestra (big band swing) are $100 for four people. Are there three more people that would like to come dance with me?

The dance floor opens at 6 pm. There's a group lesson (Lindy Hop on the 14th) from 6:30-7:15, then live music from 7:30-10. The Ambassador pass gets 4 people on the dance floor, bag check, seating and one complimentary drink per guest. Food trucks are on site, taking credit cards.

If the 14th doesn't work for folks, there's also the James Hunter Six on Friday July 13th: Soul-blues, Rock ’n’ Roll, Rhythm and Blues, and the lesson is in Swing and Shag.
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Hi Liesl i'd like to come with you! Let me check with my boyfriend and see if he'd be interested.
posted by SpaceWarp13 at 5:31 PM on July 5, 2018

I am totally on board for this.
posted by bilabial at 6:05 PM on July 5, 2018

Ooh, that’s potentially three people and me. If you confirm, I’ll be happy to front the money for the tickets.

Now onto finding a great outfit!
posted by Liesl at 7:30 PM on July 5, 2018

We’re in! Would it be easier for me to send you the money beforehand or bring cash? I’m happy to do either.
posted by SpaceWarp13 at 5:44 AM on July 6, 2018

I don't know if I can make it yet but I have been to these before, and it's *totally* worth it. Not only fun dancing and music, but just one of the chillest and best-organized events I've ever been to, along with plenty of stylin' people to people-watch. A great night out.
posted by Miko at 6:54 AM on July 6, 2018

Cash on the day is fine. I'll buy the pass now.
posted by Liesl at 6:54 AM on July 6, 2018

Ok, pass purchased, for me, bilabial, SpaceWarp13 and boyfriend. If there are additional people in groups of four I would be happy to facilitate an additional pass. Individual tickets are also available, but only get you entrance to the dance floor, no free bag check or seating or drink.
posted by Liesl at 7:02 AM on July 6, 2018

Thanks I’m looking forward to it!
posted by SpaceWarp13 at 7:50 AM on July 6, 2018

Memailed you two with my phone number for meetup purposes.
posted by Liesl at 1:59 PM on July 12, 2018

If anyone was not going because of ticket limit, I can’t make it. Have texted the organizer to let her know and will arrange payment to her. I’d be happy to split the cost of a ticket with someone who wanted to go.
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