Portland Meetup!
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Fri February 25 at 6:00 PM, Bridgeport Brewpub
1313 NW Marshall St, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
We're planning on visiting Portland to scout out areas we might move to, while we're there we'd love to share a beer with some of the local mefites. Our schedules are essentially wide open at the moment, we'll get in Friday - Feb 25 and depart Monday the 28th.
We plan on journeying throughout most of the area via car and foot - with a 3.5 month old this will likely mean we need a (several) drinks by the time we wrap up the day...or during the day. You get the idea.

In general we'd like to meet folks, so not knowing the area, we'll be staying downtown, have a wee baby with us who likes looking at things.
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What kind of place are you looking for?

There's a lot downtown - some things are even kid-friendly.
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Really any place that we can have a beer and that a wee baby won't be wholly out of place in, we usually gear towards pubs and breweries simply because you can get decent food and good beer.
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We would definitely attend this. We did the same thing last February (scoping it out, talking with MeFites) to decide if we wanted to live here, so I feel like it's my duty to continue the recruitment.
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There are a few good places we could all meetup.

Close to downtown:

Bridgeport Brewpub
Deschutes Brewery
Tug Boat

The locals (that is MeFites) have met-up at each of these places.
Deschutes didn't work so well, but the other two worked pretty well.

On the eastside:

Green Dragon
Hopworks Urban Brewery

Each of these work pretty well, but tend get busy quickly.
Hopworks is out of the way, however.
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I'll totally come to anything on Friday or Saturday.
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I also just remembered Produce Row, which I haven't been to in ages but is a fairly quiet relaxed place.
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Hmm thanks for the suggestions! Since it looks like there are a lot of downtown options maybe focus on that and hopefully it is easy for people to get to. (Also, it will allow my wife a convenient escape in case the little monster needs to go to monster jail).

Any objections to Tugboat Friday evening, say 6pm ?
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Tugboat at 6 on Friday works for me.

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I do like tugboat, but are we sure it's kid-friendly? I know it's a brewpub, but it feels more "bar" than "family pub" to me.
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Well, bar kind of works, the kid isn't really mobile. As long as they won't kick us out the kid will mostly be quiet and stare at mefites... If she scrobbles too much one of us will march her back to the hotel for a little R&R.

So is it too bar-ish ?
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Of the places we've met up, it is probably the most bar-ish, yeah. It's pretty dark, and will probably get pretty crowded. I don't know the other places downtown, but East Burn and Green Dragon are both more pubby.
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Just found this Yelp page for Basement Pub, which might fit the bill. It's a couple blocks south of Belmont on SE 12th Ave, so pretty accessible to downtown.
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I should probably make this easier - We're staying at the Courtyard Marriott in Downtown
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Bailey's Taproom could also work.
Just like Tugboat, it's close to the hotel.
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I just looked at Baileys Taproom, but I'm unsure if they have food, and we're proposing to meet around foodtimish. We seem to have a problem of too many options!

Worse comes to worse, Jenn and the baby can stay at the hotel, which may happen regardless due to the vagaries of raising a 4 month old and flying on a plane for the first time...ever with her.
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As long as they won't kick us out

Oregon liquor laws are weird. If the OLCC thinks your establishment a bar (rather than a restaurant) you're not allowed to have kids-- even tiny little infant beans-- in there at all, and you can (and often will) get fined.
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We seem to have a problem of too many options!

Welcome to Portland.

Conerning Bailey's and food, I can't seem to find any indication they serve any.
According to a couple reviews on Yelp, there is a taqueria next door.

So far, if we stick to the downtown area, Bridgeport Brewpub may be the best option.
Heading to east side will give us a few more.
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Ok, I'm gonna fire away on this and choose the closest to the hotel and we can shift outward from there if needed or if people don't like the suggestion...or want to do lunch or...etc.

Friday, Feb 25, 6pm PST
Bridgeport Brewpub
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I'll probably be there!
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I am reasonably certain Bailey's is no minors at all times. I am 100% certain that they have no food, but you can get food from the taqueria delivered to you at Bailey's.
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We should probably make reservations or something because Bridgeport on a Friday night is crazy busy.
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Can do, will maybe make them mid next week if we can get a more accurate count ?
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Bridgeport Brewpub (link above) is 21 and over only.
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I've been there with people with children before.
We sat in the main space, not the bar, and we had no issues.
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Kids are totally fine at the Bridgeport in NW, I've taken my toddler aged twins several times and let them run free, annoying everyone there. I'm not going to be able to make it (twins, etc.), but if Bridgeport is too crowded the Lucky Lab on Quimby between 19th and 20th is just a few blocks away, and is generally way more manageable with both kids and large groups.
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I will do my best to be there!
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Beer you say? Well...ok. I guess I'll come.
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Just confirming we're good to go on this, and will be trying to make reservations for a dozen folks for the designated time.
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But seriously, we're good to go.
A reservation for 12 should be safe.
We can always squeeze in if necessary.
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Ok, we're reserved, made it for 6:30pm under Patrick.
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6:30pm reservation time because I figure it will take some time for a quorum to assemble, however we'll be there at 6ish.
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You probably want to reserve for 18, to include the maybes. Even if they don't show up, people who didn't say yes or maybe can take their place. (We know you're out there lurkers.)
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I thought about that, but not knowing the meetup portland crowd very well I was guessing it could be like the SF gang where we might have folks wandering in and out over the course of a coupe of hours?
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Ok, Ill call tomorrow and try and up the reservation by 4-5, we included our 4 month old in our total, so there is a wee bit of room as she'll mostly sit on my lap and try to grab my beer glass. Or yours.
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I think me and Secretariat will be there as well.
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I might be able to stop by this evening.

Bridgeport has a private room - if you call them again maybe you could ask if it's available.
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I'll probably get there by 7pm. Unless, y'know, it starts "snowing" again.
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As it turns out, I have conflicting plans until 10 / 10:30 or so (I know you're all busted up about that), but if you all end up going somewhere afterward, drop a note in the thread and I'll try to catch up with you later....
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Hey so, here's an update: The reservation is for a party of 16 at 6:30pm, I was able to up it a bit, but we may have to just snag other tables/etc if the facility is cool with it.

They can only do one major check and then split it 4 ways, so if you gots the cash, please to be bringing the cash and I will settle the bill/etc.
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I work in NW portland, so I'll be walking up towards Bridgeport with cortex a little after 5:30. I don't know if you noticed, but it's a little cold out- so it probably won't take us too long to get there... we might be a little early, more like 6 rather than 6:30.
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We're pretty good at sitting around drinking beer, though, so that's not really a big problem.
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On my way!!
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The stop-announcing voice on the streetcar kind of sounds like Majel Barrett Roddenberry. I hope that was deliberate.
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fiercekitten and I are enroute.
Should be at 7:30 or so.
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Guys, thank you so much for the wonderful dinner, it was so nice to meet all of you. I am really sorry we had to leave when we did, it has been an extremely long (2) day(s) with the baby and we kind of pushed it just a bit too far.

If anyone ended up out of sorts or there was something left from the bill that someone had to cover please don't hesitate to memail me and we'll get it straightened out.

Thank you again!
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Bill was totally fine, worry not. Very fun meetup, glad we could hang out with you guys. Enjoy Portland, after some sleep tonight hopefully.
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Cookie Pie... was totally not a pie. I feel the need to create something that actually lives up to that name.

Otherwise, good meetup. iamabot, let us know if you end up with further questions about the Portland area.
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Yeah, the cookie pie was pretty much as close to bullshit as something called "cookie" and "pie" could get without literally being a bull's shit in a skillet.
posted by cortex at 11:26 PM on February 25, 2011

Yeah, see now this would be cookie pie.
posted by dersins at 1:13 AM on February 26, 2011

We ended up buying girlscout cookies on the walk back to the hotel. They are all gone now.
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I'm totally making cookie pie now.
posted by fiercekitten at 12:45 AM on February 27, 2011

I'm glad that the waitress didn't hear me order a second "cookie pie"; another one of those at the table may have been too depressing to bear. If I had any eggs, though, I would absolutely make dersins's legit cookie pie.
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