Phoenix Ice Cream Social
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Fri July 20 at 7:00 PM, Sweet Republic
6054 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ, USA (Map & Directions)
Hello, fellow Phoenicians! Long time, no meetup. We've been reminded that it's ice cream social season, so I figured we should try to make this happen if people are around over the summer.
For a venue, I'm thinking Sweet Republic on 16th St. They also have vegan sorbets for our dairy-free friends.

Date-wise, I'm pretty flexible, but just to get the conversation started, how about Friday the (July) 13th? A superstition-free social.

Anyone interested? Would another date work better? Discuss.
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I would be very into an ice cream social. But I'll be out of town for a conference presentation that date. I could do Friday, July 20th tho!
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That works!
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I might be able to come, if I don't have to work. I won't know for a little while about the 20th, though...
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Hey, the 20th works well for me, too!

Looking forward to meeting you all!
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We can still change it, if we need to. I want to make this happen.
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I'm in for whenever in July - including the 20th.
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I am interested in attending. I have some extensive dental work being done on the 20th, but if it is in the later afternoon/evening the novacain should have worn off by then =)
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Ice cream sounds like just the ticket, post-dental work! I have the time set at 7 pm, but we'll probably hang out a while, if past meetups are anything to go by. We'd love to have you!
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Sounds like fun! Thank you for organizing this.
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Sadly, I can't join you all on Friday. A favorite coworker is leaving the office and we have a goodbye event planned.
I look forward to attending a local get-together soon!
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I hope to join ya'll on Friday night, but the socially awkward introvert in me is feeling a little anxious. I've never been to a meetup or to Sweet Republic, so I don't know what to expect. Is SR large and usually crowded? Will I have trouble recognizing the Me-Fis in the room? What will we talk about and are there any subjects that are off-limits, like politics in the Metatalktail Hour threads? What should I wear?! I'll be coming straight from work, but it'll be casual Friday, so I'll probably be fine. If my social skills totally fail me, I can still enjoy the ice cream and listen to the conversation - right?
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Aww, sorry you won’t be able to make it jennstra - how it works out next time.

kbar, I’ve never been there before, either. I also feel awkward walking up to a group of strangers, especially when I don’t know if it’s even the right group. How about if I get there a few minutes before 7pm and bring a balloon to tie to the back of my chair. That way anyone that shows up later will know which crowd is ours. :)

(I’m also thinking of bringing name tags, but if that seems too much, we don’t have to wear em.)

Hope to see you Friday!
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Thanks darkstar - the balloon is a great idea!
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I was so nervous at my first meetup a few years ago! I completely relate. I've now been to a handful, and I can't say I've ever noticed any particular topic being unwelcome or off-limits. Mostly people are just their delightful selves. Some are quiet, some are loud, some vary... you are welcome to just stand around listening and eating delicious ice cream if that's all you feel up to.

A balloon is a fantastic idea, darkstar! I'd even be down with name tags. They can be option if some people want to just do the 3D equivalent of lurking.

I managed to break my toe in a freak monsoon-related domestic accident last week, so I may be hobbling a bit, but I'll be there. I'm looking forward to it!
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I managed to break my toe in a freak monsoon-related domestic accident last week

That’ll make for an interesting story over a scoop or two!
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Dangnabbit I am flying out of the country tomorrow at noon. No ice cream for me! (I am going to Iceland though.)

Hope to join next time...
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Somewhow I just, like, forgot that my beloved van is in the shop to get a new ignition switch until I walked out the door this afternoon to run some errands, so I will not be joining y'all. :( Eat some delicious ice cream for me!!!
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Oh no! We’ll miss you both.
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Yay - I’m there! Er, here!

Just look for the nerdy guy and the dark star balloon! (Blue, of course.)

Also, I brought flowers.
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Superplin, kbar1, sharp pointy objects (and little objects), and Lapin — it was great to join you for ice cream tonight!

Nice to put some faces to the names, too. Hope those who weren’t able to attend can make the next one — we’ll have to do it again soon! :)
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It was so fun! (And the strawberry-balsamic-pink peppercorn ice cream was fantastic.)

We really should do these more often. Other cities seem to manage it; time for us to step up our game.
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Count me in! I felt nervous until I walked through the door and then it was like getting together with old friends (well, not old, but friends). I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and was interested to hear everyone's backstories. On top of that, I got to meet a beautiful baby girl and have some delicious ice cream - salted caramel - my favorite!

With the continued insanity in the White House, I would truly welcome getting together IRL with Mefites, to commiserate, strategize, and offer support. Or to just eat ice cream!
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I know! I was thinking as I drove home that, for a brief 2-hour window in time, that little part of the planet became a friendly, supportive enclave IRL. Kind of like MeFi itself is online. :)
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I too had a good time!

Unfortunately I was felled by heat, flashing lights and prohibitively expensive water while out dancing and ended up with a migraine for the next 4 days. With the resulting catch up I just now remembered to check back here.

Here is the picture I took!

Agreed on more meetups! It's ridiculous how important MeFi is in my life considering how little I manage to comment. The meetups make me feel a little less weird about that.
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Look how pretty we all are! I'm sorry about the migraine (and the aquatic extortion).

I'm all for getting together regularly to collectively feel less weird about our over investment in this place. You're all so interesting, I can't imagine ever being bored at a meetup.
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