LOCATION CHANGE--The Goat Blowed Up Real Good
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Wed July 4 at 5:00 PM, R Bar Chicago
2827 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
We tried and failed to come up with an alternate plan R Bar Chicago (Renaldi's bar annex) for First Wednesday which happens to be this miserable shitheel of a country's birthday celebration.There is no Live Wire karaoke that night, but we think Shakers on Clark in Lakeview/Boystown will have karaoke for those who enjoy. If not, trivia starts at R Bar around 9 pm.
If we all change our minds and meet somewhere more north because none of us have any reason to be downtown or downtown-adjacent (sorry, garlic) on a day off, we'll talk about it here.
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I will be in hawaii, so i demand someone sing lionel richie and also journey in my absence. also that there are fireworks.
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I think I may be able to start joining everyone at the goat again in September. Have fun!
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The bar part of the Renaldi's on Broadway at Diversey has $3 burgers / $3 beers every Wednesday and $10 beer, shot & a slice deals every day, if we want to skip the Goat this month.
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omg I was just thinking a couple of weeks ago as I walked by there that I haven't been to Renaldi's since the time we had a meet-up there, which I've just searched to discover was December 2010. I'd certainly be up for moving to there this month.
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Turns out I have to work an event on the 4th, but have fun!
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Rats! We'll miss you! I mean, Yay! For the hustle paying off!
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Just moved to Chicago. Won't be able to do the 4th, but have fun!
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we are renting a tandem bicycle that day. If I haven't worn Denail out making her pedal me around town by then, we'll try to make it.
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huskerdont, we're here every month (well we're usually elsewhere most months but "here" in the existing sense) so hope we see you on some First Wednesday soon. And welcome to Chicago.

I just found out that Diner Grill re-opens at 6 am on July 5th. Make of this information (and infer my plans for the evening of the 4th) what you will.
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ARGH, if I did not have an 8 am meeting on Thursday . . . .
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8AM meeting after a federal holiday? Savages.
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I was pretty pissed off by it. since it was scheduled Monday and I was not scheduled to be in the office at all. But there's nothing I can do about it.
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Crap. Even on a holiday, I can't make it. Best wishes, and thanks for the public notice. Someday, I'll be able to attend again.
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The good news is that Andy is coming with me for at least dinner The bad news is that we haven't left the house yet. (This is entirely my fault)
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I peaked too early today and got too much sun and now it's nap time.
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We are having a great time.
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We are now at the nitro ice cream bar just up Broadway
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Actually we are now at L and L
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