Ithaca Ice Cream
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Sat July 7 at 12:00 PM, Viva, then Sweet Melissa's
101 N Aurora St, Ithaca, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Per aniola's suggestion, we're having an ice cream meetup. Final plan: Viva at noon on Saturday, followed by a walk over to Sweet Melissa's Press Bay Alley.
See you all outside Viva at noon! I'll try to remember to wear my MeFi t-shirt.
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It's a bit of a drive from Syracuse, but I could do it if it's on a Saturday or Sunday.
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Depending on day and time, I might be able to meet up. (Also, I haven't been to the new ice cream place yet.)
posted by aught at 5:20 AM on June 28

I am interested. After next week I have a few weeks off for summer!
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Does the weekend work for you, aught?

If folks haven't been to the Press Bay Alley version of Sweet Melissa's, it's pretty great. No soft serve like the Shortstop mothership, just a rotating variety of (8? 10?) hard flavours, including vegan options. You can even make yourself an affogato by taking a scoop of vanilla down to Press Cafe, a couple of storefronts down the row.
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I'm interested! This weekend or any weekend in July works for me.
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This weekend works for me! It's supposed to be in the upper 90s, so ice cream will be a welcome treat (and that Sweet Melissa's location is my fave).

If folks are driving all the way down from Syracuse, should we do a meal as well? Bickering Twins just opened up a block and a half from the Press Bay, or we could find something on/near the Commons.
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Neat! I'll be out of town this weekend and have some family obligations that won't let me commit for sure on a weekend that I am around, but I'll keep an eye on this space in case it ends up being a time I can make it.
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Yay this sounds wonderful! And I just visited Press Bay Alley for the first time on Tuesday (to go to an event at Ithaca Generator) -- it's a lovely spot.

This weekend I'm free after ~4pm on Saturday or any time Sunday, and the next few weekends other than Sat 7/14 should be pretty free as well.
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Saturdays are good for me; Sundays after about 1:00 also good.
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A Saturday afternoon would be perfect for me. I am Old and don't want to drive back too late. But don't plan around me; plan for the Ithaca folks and I'll come down if I can.
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How do people feel about next Saturday (Jul 7)? Lunch at Bickering Twins, then wander over to Press Bay Alley.

a rotating variety of (8? 10?) hard flavours, including vegan options

In the interests of science, I stopped by yesterday. There are 9 flavours (7 dairy, 2 vegan), plus popsicles/ice blocks and pints in the other freezer. (I had the Key Lime Pie in a sugar cone.)
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My weekend is a lot busier than usual, but if it works out I'll join you.
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> zamboni:
"How do people feel about next Saturday (Jul 7)? Lunch at Bickering Twins, then wander over to Press Bay Alley.

Sounds good to me. I'll practice my ice cream eating before coming down.
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I'm good for July 7. Lunch + ice cream sounds great.
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I think I can make it July 7. See y'all there!
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I checked Bickering Twins' hours, and it doesn't look like they're open for lunch on the weekends.

Second choices: Viva? Hawi? Waffle Frolic?
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I'm happy to defer to Ithaca folks on lunch spots. Gluten free options are appreciated but it's Ithaca so I assume that's not a big deal.
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I could murder a Viva margarita right about now.
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Any of those choices work for me. I've never eaten Ethiopian food before, but am always game for a new adventure when it comes to food! Thank you for organizing this, zamboni!
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OK, I've changed the post to Confirmed. See you at Viva at noon on Saturday.
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Thanks to everyone who organized and came out! We had a great time and were happy to learn about a new ice cream place for when we're in Ithaca.
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It was lovely to see you all- thanks for coming! We’ll see you next time, tchemgrrl, TUM and aught.

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It was great to meet everybody! Thank you again for organizing, zamboni.
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That was lovely! Thank you zamboni for organizing and great to see those who could make it out. :) (Also: I missed milkshakes so much!)
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