Post-Solstice Tater Explosion
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Wed June 27 at 7:00 PM, Phoenix Landing
512 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
[Insert clever potato/summer joke here.] Geeks Who Drink trivia arrives Wednesday at 7pm at Phoenix Landing. [Insert witty parting shot here.]
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Andi and the kids are out of town, so I think I can actually come this week!
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I’ll be there with repeat special guest Jenny
posted by Cogito at 8:34 AM on June 25, 2018

Q: Why did the clever potato/summer cross Mass Ave?
A: Because a riddle requires an answer.
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I'm dragging a fellow postdoc along with me, so cross your fingers for primate categories because we'll be all set!
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Somewhere, rattling around the halls of Geeks Who Drink headquarters, must surely lurk the notes for a round entitled “Primate or Potato?”.
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I'm excited for the great turnout tomorrow (two offlist RSVPs have us at 15) but it will be tough to hold down that much space by myself. If you can arrive early and help defend Tater territory it's much appreciated.
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Taterritory, surely
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> the notes for a round entitled “Primate or Potato?”.

Pritatermatoes? They're like the monotreme of the MeFi meme. MemonotreFimememe.

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YOUR ROUND 3, TONIGHT: Opposable Fingerlings
Are the following 8 names species of primates or vareities of potato?

1. Black Titi
2. King Edward
3. Malbrouck
4. Potto
5. Bintje
6. Kerr's Pink
7. Opperdoezer Ronde
8. Opdenbosch's mangabey

BONUS QUESTION: Its name sounds a bit like a squirrel-sized New World monkey, but it is actually the tangy pulp from a legumous tree, often used in Indian, Middle Eastern, and Caribbean meals and desserts and is surprisingly one of the ingredients in Worchestershire sauce. Name it.
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None of you are telling me how you scored on my quiz. How can I judge you without data?!?!
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You have plenty of field observations to go on.
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