Austin February meetup
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Sat February 19 at 2:00 PM, Dog & Duck
406 W 17th St, Austin, TX, USA (Map & Directions)
Team Austin ran out of gas on the white elephant exchange, but it would be nice to say hi sometime this month before the big SXSW meetup that is no doubt coming down the pipe.
Last time we talked about this, people were game for a Saturday. I propose the afternoon of the 19th (I have tickets to a concert that night) or the afternoon/evening of the 26th. I'm also open to Sunday afternoon/evening meetups if people are busy on Saturday those weekends.

Possible venues: Dog & Duck or Cherrywood Coffeehouse were proposed for last time. Opal Divine's on sixth has been successful before for meetups. I'm not keen on Freddy's given the unpredictable weather and the likelihood of being seated outside. Other suggestions are welcome.

Let there be meeting up, people!
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Count me in! I arrived yesterday. I would love to go to Cherrywood Coffeehouse again.
posted by xenophile at 11:23 AM on February 7, 2011

The music at Opal Divine's was way too loud, it was kinda cold, and the service was pretty bad. I'd like to check out the Cherrywood place, some time. I can probably make the either 19th or the 26th - I have no life.
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Motion seconded.
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All right, since we have a handful of takers, I'll make an executive decision on when and where and post the meetup Wednesday night. I'm inclined toward the afternoon of the 26th at the Dog and Duck on the grounds that there's an art rummage sale at Cherrywood Coffeehouse that day.

Thoughts, comments, Bueller, anyone? Let me know!
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I can't make the 26th, but would love to see everyone on the 19th.
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I could shoot for the 12th or maybe even the 19th...

After that, scheduling gets a little hazy.... working 2nd does that...

Makes everything a little blurry...

SXSW should be awesome sauce.

The Dog and Duck looks like a good place to park for a while.
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All right, based on the suggestions, tentatively let's switch to the 19th, Dog & Duck. It'll need to be afternoon for me, so I'm looking at 2:00 or 3:00 for a kickoff time.
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I think that works for me.
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That works for me too.
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And done! See you all on the 19th!
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I will try to make this- I never went to meetups when I lived in San Diego because they were pretty rare, but from what I have read you Austin MeFis get your drink on with regularity and vigor, so I have no excuse.
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I'll be riding over there from the 9th Street trails. If all goes well, I'll be stoked and ready for a beer. If not, I'll be hosed (and bloody) and ready for a beer.
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I'd love to attend but Skywarn training/certification is that day up at Pickle. If anyone's interested, you could get the basic certification by attending the morning session and still make the meetup.
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Boo, I'm going to Sherwood Forest Faire that day, nerding it up in Elgin while you guys are nerding it up six blocks from my house. Next time!
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Oooh, report back on that faire! My husband and I are interested in it but haven't gone yet.
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I went last year too. Worth it if you are generally fond of renaissance festivals, but still pretty chintzy compared to TxRF. The shorter drive and lower prices compared to TxRF add to the appeal. My friends and I are always into the afternoon-tipsy, people-watching, halfass-costume-wearing experience, so we like it. YMMV.
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I would love to, but that's when I'm taking my kids to see Elmo at the Erwin Center.
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Team Mefi, I am inside at a table but we may have to migrate outside if our maybes show. Look for the woman with purple hair.
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We are at a small table in the middle. Three women, one with purple hair, one with a red dress, one with a laptop!
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Thanks to everybody that came for a great meetup. I'll upload pictures to Flickr tomorrow and link them so everybody can see them.

For Austinites who did not come, there's a plan afoot for a Highball karaoke happy hour sometime soon, so watch IRL if you're interested in that kind of thing.
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That was fun. I noticed on my way out that there was a Reddit meetup happening on Dog & Duck's back patio. We totally could have taken them.
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Whoo! Great meetup!

*chest bumps and high fives everyone*
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That was purely a bookmark-type favorite, adamrice.

I am sooooo wired on coffee right now.
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Nice to have faces for names now, to see who's behind the words I so enjoy.

still wired on coffee over here too ....
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Photos are up for those who want to look at them.
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W00t! Thanks for a great meetup everyone. The Dog and Duck is an awesome place, and the company was top notch... as was to be expected.
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On the point of global domination, next time I'll bring the schematics for the MeFi Orbital Command Center.
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man i need to shave
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Thanks for a great welcome to Austin, MeFites! Looking forward to karaoke.
posted by xenophile at 2:51 PM on February 21, 2011

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