Keep Families Together lunchtime protest June 22
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Fri June 22 at 12:00 PM, Lafayette Square/White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC, USA (Map & Directions)
Mrs. Pterodactyl and I can't wait for June 30. We'll be meeting to protest in front of the White House on Friday, June 22, during lunchtime.
We'll meet starting at 12 noon at the General Kosciuszko statute (close to intersection of H Street/Vermont). Then from 12:15-12:45pm, we'll proceed closer to Pennsylvania Ave (i.e., where there are often protestors!), with signs.

Other input welcome. I have never organized something like this before!
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I am coming! These people need to be stopped. It sounds like he might sign something to end this so do we want to shift the focus to reuniting the families? Even if they stop separating people, there's a lot of work to be done.
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I'm in.
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My coworkers laughed because after the election I started carrying Sharpies in my purse all the time in case I end up at an unexpected protest and need to make a sign on the spot. Who's laughing now, coworkers?
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We’re planning to be there
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Wasn't sure I'd be able to, at first, but my lunchtime engagement was canceled.
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The weather's not looking great, but I'll be there with a blue umbrella.
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I am also still planning to come! I will get there as close to noon as possible. See you then!
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I'll be there holding signs!
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It's wet but we're here! See you at the corner of Vermont and H!
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Sorry folks, I am under the weather and couldn't make this one. There in spirit!
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Here's a photo of us.
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Thanks so much to everyone who came. Sorry we missed you, Space Kitty! I'm really glad we did it, and so glad to meet some of you people from the internet.

evoque--thanks for posting the photo. The media presence was a surprise (though as I said to my husband, I imagine it was someone's job at the ACLU to call the media), and their behavior was rather unpleasant. But I'm glad the protest itself got publicity.
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