Broadway Waltz
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Fri June 15 at 7:20 PM, Mitchell Activity Center at Seattle Central College
1718 Broadway, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
A very low-key social partner dance: easy to try for newbies; traditional energetic as well as modern gentle music for the partner dances; an open-role dance for those who like it. From 7:20-8pm we teach a lesson for *total beginners* that will get you through Walking That Counts as Dancing, and give you a try at either rotary waltz or polka, which are gloriously whirly. You don't need to dress up or come with a partner.
From 8-10 it's DJd dancing, music from the last 150 years. At 9 we generally break for a practicum/lesson in something for the experienced dancers; it's been mazurka variations recently.

And afterwards everyone is welcome to walk a few blocks down Broadway and have a late dinner with us -- there's a gyros place nearby that has meat, and veggie dishes, and a good soda cabinet.

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This sounds fun but is short notice for me. Is this an every Friday kind of thing? I would love to get up there (from Tacoma) in the near future.
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Note: the Obeebo and Busstop are jokes, not dance steps. And Jack Mackie, the creator of the dance steps is more than a bit of a dick.
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We're an every-third-Friday-of-the-month thing, missmobtown, and I've put up the July event too because I'm so bad at doing them only a week ahead.

If you come up for, say, the Century Ballroom waltz caf├ęs on alternating Sunday afternoons, memail me; I don't get there as often as I like but will reschedule to meet someone.
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