NC State Farmers Market Meetup
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Sat June 30 at 9:00 AM, State Farmers Market Restaurant
1240 Farmers Market Dr, Raleigh, NC, USA (Map & Directions)
Let's have a meetup at the North Carolina State Farmers' Market in Raleigh! I'm proposing a breakfast / brunch meetup at the State Farmers' Market Restaurant, which as you can tell from their URL, prides themselves on their biscuits. Afterwards folks can check out the Farmers' Market for produce, baked goods, and plants. There's also the Nahunta Pork Outlet for those interested in pork products.
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Yes, yes,yes. The farmer's market is one of my favorite places in Raleigh, and their biscuits are my favorite (they might technically be more butter than biscuit). The 16th and the 23rd are not good for me, but any other weekend day in the foreseeable future should be good. If we end up with a date towards the end of the month, my wife might even be able to come, as her schedule is changing to get her off weekends for the first time in 12 years!
posted by Rock Steady at 4:30 AM on June 4

Oh, and if I'm not mistaken the Farmer's Market Restaurant doesn't take reservations, and they only seat full parties, so keep that in mind as we figure out when to meet.
posted by Rock Steady at 4:33 AM on June 4

Love this idea. I'm shopping over at the FM most weekends anyway, so will be fine with any date we select.
posted by GrammarMoses at 3:35 AM on June 5

My schedule opened up recently so I'll probably be there but I won't move myself from Maybe to Attending until I know the date.
posted by kingless at 1:35 PM on June 5

16th or 17th of June seem good to me!
posted by oceanjesse at 5:25 PM on June 6

How does 30th of June sound? What about the time?
posted by research monkey at 5:15 PM on June 11

Would really like to meet some fellow NC MeFites. Put me down as definitely interested.
posted by skepticbill at 5:47 AM on June 12

I've updated with date and time, but do speak up if the time seems too early / too late.
posted by research monkey at 4:09 AM on June 13

We're in!
posted by oceanjesse at 6:35 PM on June 16

It's early, but that means it won't be hot!
posted by oceanjesse at 6:36 PM on June 16

We'll do it! I haven't been to the farmers market or the restaurant yet, but have been wanting to go.
posted by bananana at 5:51 PM on June 20

Anyone going marching after?
posted by mfu at 3:28 PM on June 23

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