Rock Circuit Trail, Middlesex Fells
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Sun June 3 at 2:30 PM, Middlesex Fells, Rock Circuit Trail
300 Elm St, Medford, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey folks! I am planning on going to the Middlesex Fells this Sunday at 2:30 to hike the Rock Circuit Trail, summarized elsewhere thusly: "3.7 miles – Average hiking time: 4.5 hours. Much of the trail traverses rocky outcrops in this corner of the park, providing a variety of scenic views. A difficult hike." I invite you to join me! entry

A high-detailed color map of trail: page 2 of this .pdf—good for zooming and printing, not so much online unless you tilt your head.

• I will be parking at the Flynn Skating Rink parking lot (300 Elm St, Medford, MA 02155) and waiting until 2:30 near the entrance of the lot, across the street from the trailhead. You can take the 99 bus to Molyneaux Circle to get to the Flynn Rink. (The link in the header of the post gives a different location for the trailhead—I will not be starting there, but it is a good place to exit if you want to hike halfway and still be near the Orange Line.) My cell is 480-298-5716.

I have hiked this plenty of times before, usually in three hours or so, but I was booking it and can take it more slowly — you should be in relatively good shape, wear ankle-supporting or good-traction shoes, and bring salty snacks and plenty of water, and whatever else you put in your bag of happy surprises for sweaty hikers. Great views of Boston and the Northshore, but it is mostly climbs and descents, and it will wear you out!
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Wish I could make this one! Happy hiking. May you meet many friendly floofy doggy friends on the trail!
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If anybody is coming from Cambridge and would be willing to carpool, I'd be happy to join in - let me know if this is at all possible.
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If anybody is coming from Cambridge and would be willing to carpool, I'd be happy to join in - let me know if this is at all possible.

...I am driving in from Belmont — text me at the above number with your address/contact info and we can coordinate; if it's somewhat along the way, I can accommodate.
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I am probably not I'm shape enough for this, but enjoy!
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Weather looks pretty awesome tomorrow! Bring a hat and shades! I just overstocked on clif bars and cheez-its.
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I am going to be picking gemütlichkeit up on the way, so I may be a couple minutes late depending on timing — if you are worried that we got lost or have confused the meeting place, my number is in the post. Seeya all soon!
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Hey that was fun in spite of being hopelessly lost in the woods but able to hear the Orange Line.

holmesian: I will definitely be glad to take you up on trying out the new food place around the corner from you!

gemütlichkeit: if you ever have the unscratchable itch to play the piano, you can come by and use mine anytime.

It was great meeting you both, and for the best day possible for a hike! Glad we aren't still there, shivering and walking in circles, wondering how to start a fire and which plants aren't poisonous.
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