March for Justice for Sex Workers
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Sat June 2 at 12:00 PM, Oscar Grant Plaza
Oscar Grant Plaza, 1 Frank H Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Since FOSTA-SESTA passed, sex workers have been getting killed. There's a rally and march on June 2nd in downtown Oakland to protest this.
This is the facebook page for the event: and here's a cut and paste of the text:

On Saturday, June 2, SWers and our allies will be standing up for justice all over the country. Join us at Oscar Grant Plaza in Downtown Oakland, CA to make the voices & needs of our Bay Area communities loud & visible: Sex Worker Justice Now! (Allies wanted & welcome)

We are protesting, rallying & marching with the following goals in mind:
1/ To make more Bay Area residents & local media aware of the systematic violence against sex workers:
• Repercussions of FOSTA/SESTA legislation • Police violence • Anti-trafficking legislation that continuously conflates sex work & "sex trafficking" • How criminalization damages our communities •

2/ Sex worker justice is inherently tied to the justice of transgender, BIPOC, LGBTQ, femme & GNC, undocumented, poor/low-income, drug using communities

3/ Elevate specific SWer community voices

4/ Be visible & celebrate: come together & show each other some serious love during this tough political time

5/ Celebrate the St. James Infirmary's 19th B-Day!

noon-1: Gather at Oscar Grant Plaza
1-2: Community Speakers
2-3: March
3-4: Celebrate
*More info about Speakers & the March coming soon*

• Invite friends an allies: we have power in numbers
• Wear red
• Bring Signs (sign making parties & lists of sign ideas coming soon!)
* Our goal & expectations are that this will be a peaceful & positive gathering for SWer justice. That being said, we are aware that undocumented/on parole/BIPOC/Swers/etc are at a higher risk of police involvement, harassment & violence. We are working on creating safer spaces & systems within the rally and will have more information about this coming soon. Standing up for justice is important, but please prioritize your safety.

• We are looking for folks that have experience with protests to help us lead our crowd.
Currently seeking:
-march leaders
-chant leaders
• Do you have a cool & affordable food truck or ice cream cart? We want to keep our people with snacks, lemonade & popsicles in hand :)

• We are wanting to provide the St. James Infirmary Clinic with a lovely B-day bash - seeking cake & red balloon donations
*please msg here or email or to help out*

I never go to marches and I'm not affiliated with sex work- I just think they shouldn't be forced into a position where they get killed- duh, right? But the fact that I'm not affiliated makes me even more shy about going.

I would love to have some mefi company for at least the march part. Is anyone interested?

(Sign suggestions also gratefully accepted.)
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Apologies if this isn't actually a presentation. I wasn't sure what category marches/rallies fit under.
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I'm booked that day, but thanks for posting. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise. I may know somebody who could do chant leading, but first I'll have to check if they're woke about sex work. I keep discovering layers & layers to some people's openness (or closed-mindedness) to being woke.
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I believe they have it pretty well planned out. I'm just going as a body to count as support.
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I am speaking at this, as one of the people who was active in the fight against SESTA/FOSTA.
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I was already planning on attending this - happy to provide company/comfort. Mail me, if you like, to set up a meeting place beforehand.
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