MeFites in Tacoma? Let's have a beer.
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Sat May 12 at 4:00 PM, Parkway Tavern
313 N I St, Tacoma, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
Hello South Sounders! Me and Mr. Miss Mobtown have recently arrived from the Bay Area and we have befriended a few Seattleites but very few Tacomans. I never took advantage of IRLs when I lived in SF, but I'm stepping outside my comfort zone to suggest a meetup in Tacoma sometime in early May for a beer. What say you?
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I am a Tacoman as well - My wife and I moved here a couple of years ago, and many of my friends in the region are still in Seattle - so I understand your plight. :) Early may could work for both of us. Any place / area of Tacoma that you had in mind?
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If you're open to suggestions, I'm a big fan of the Parkway Tav. Black Kettle Bites & Brew on Market Street is a pretty chill gathering spot as well.
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Ooh yes! I'm interested!
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Hee-hee: Tacoman...Taco Man. How did I not notice until now?
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Taco Ma
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I'm very open to suggestions, particularly The Parkway, since I've been meaning to try it and their nice looking front patio!

Are weeknight evenings or weekends better for most?
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Fri-Sat-Sun better on this end (I speak for myself and stet)

Looking forward to it!!
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Very well! Let's meet for a happy-ish hour at the Parkway Tavern on Saturday, May 12 around 4 p.m. I'm utterly flexible if anyone has strong opinions about time/place.
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I am 30000% down for this.
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Hello again, I'll see you on Saturday. I'll be the unserious-looking woman with the bobbed hair and cat eye glasses. And I may find something blue to wear, the better to be theme-ish. Looking forward to meeting!
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I'll be driving up from Olympia and should be there 4-ish unless the JBLM traffic is horrible. (Me: very short grey hair, glasses, will be wearing black "Trogdor the Burninator" t-shirt.)
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I should be there at 4 but will probably be leaving by around 5:30 or so as I have tickets for a show later. I am incredibly generic and have no idea what I will be wearing, so I will be the woman looking hesitant and peering at groups of individuals.
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...and when I say 4, what I meant is “I am super late and will see you at 4:30”
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We are at a table right inside the door, four of us now.
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Oh man, that would have saved me a bunch of awkwardness. ;)

Great spending time with everyone!
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Fun times! Thanks for coming out, folks. I hope we can do it again soon.
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