I'm in HK for the week and would love to meet some MeFites
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Hello HK MeFites, The universe did some funny things to me recently and now I find myself in Hong Kong by myself for the week. I'd love to meet up for lunch/drinks/dinner/whatever. I am especially interested in dinner because I want to eat more things and you just can't when you're on your own! Am staying in Mong Kok. Have octopus card, will travel! Stellathon
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I'm based in Shenzhen but wouldn't mind popping down for a bite or two.
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Am happy to do so, would be available Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday evening (probably prefer Thursday and Sunday but can be flexible). I'm on Hong Kong Island. Any particular kinds of food you are interested in trying? There is Cantonese, naturally, but Hong Kong is pretty brilliant for fusion.
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Hi both!

frumiousb, I would love to try some Cantonese seafood! I want to try those big razor clams or bei fung tong any crustacean. Equally happy to eat in dai paĆ­ dong or go fancy.

HK fusion would be great too if you have a favourite place you want to show off to a visitor.

Fix, when can you come down? Is it a big deal to come on a weeknight?

I leave Sunday late afternoon but could do lunch or yum cha beforehand, am busy Wednesday but free Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

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Hi Stellathon-- shall we say Thursday night? Fix, does that work for you? It's a little better for me than Saturday since I'm at an art event all day on Saturday. I'm thinking about the following choices, if I can get reservations. Have not been to any of them yet, and that's on purpose.

Shun Kee Typhoon Center-- you're picked up in a boat from Causeway Bay Pier and taken to the restaurant. This may be tough to reserve.
Jumbo Kingdom in Aberdeen-- big floating restaurant-- never been
The Seafood Room in Causeway Bay is more pricey, and Canto-ish (actually owned by Russians, but whatever) but is also supposed to be very nice.

The best Seafood is honestly in Sai Kung, and that's too much of a trek for Thursday evening (or even Saturday evening ) for me I am afraid. Let me know what you're up for. I'll pm you my name and number.

(I am a middle aged lady, I fear, so I eat dinner relatively early-- 7 or 7:30. Hope that's okay.)
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Fix, message us if you can come on Thursday. frumiousb & I have made a plan.
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