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Fri February 25 at 8:00 PM, Brutopia
1215 Crescent St, Montreal, QC H3G 2B1, Canada (Map & Directions)
Salut, Montreal! Wendy BD and I will be in Montreal for a few days at the end of February and would be pleased to see Montrealer mefites while there.
Friday the 25th or Saturday the 26th would be optimum dates, I think. I have no preconceptions about venue, but I might suggest somewhere on the Plateau. Any interest?


Brutopia, on Crescent, would seem to offer an optimum number of nearby places for further carousing if a pub crawl is in the offing, or will do just fine on its microbrewery own if we want to stay put. With a split mandate between Friday and Saturday, I will push for Friday.


And with a couple of hours to go and many Mefites' attendance scuppered by several unforeseen circumstances, looks like we have to strike this one. Maybe next time.
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Oh no! Kitteh is going to be out of town visiting her folks, but I might venture into the city (I'm in Sherbrooke, about 90 minutes out) on Saturday the 26th. We're big fans of Amère à Boire (St-Denis and Sherbrooke), a brewpub that serves up excellent microbrews and is generally much less crowded than Dieu du Ciel.
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I'm actually planning to be in Montréal during that weekend, for Montreal High Lights Festival, but I'm not sure what my schedule will be. Meeting in a microbrewery is a good way to convince my boyfriend to go though!

In any case I'll follow this thread.

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I had no idea that was the night for the High Lights festival. We should definitely aim for the 26th, then, so afterwards those of us who care to can wander amidst the strangeness and charm.
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I am actually having a party the evening of the 26th (grumble! I am never busy this far in advance!) and cannot make something that night, but would be up for Friday night or Saturday earlier in the day.
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For crying out loud- this -had- to happen when I was in Florida. :(
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