In Like a Lion, Out Like a Goat
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Wed March 7 at 6:00 PM, The Berghoff
17 W Adams St, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
First Wednesday is almost upon us, which means it's time for the monthly Chicago meetup!
Unfortunately, the original (and for our purposes, only) Billy Goat Tavern still seems to be closed for renovation. We've repaired to Monk's Pub on Lake Street for the last couple meetups; shall we meet there one more time?

Instead, we'll be meeting at the historic Berghoff, just off Adams and State in the Loop! Rather than take a table on the formal restaurant side of the house, I think we'll probably want to sit in the bar area. That means you'll want to enter through the leftmost of the Berghoff's bewildering array of doors.

Last I checked, Cheesie's on Belmont and Livewire Lounge on Milwaukee remain open to the public, so there's no need to alter the traditional second and third legs of the evening (grilled cheese sandwiches and karaoke, respectively).
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Yay! I was just working on a post for this--glad I thought to look under the IRL "Proposed" tab.

Do people like Monks? I missed the last two meetups, but I understand it was crowded. I thought of two alternatives:

-The Game Room (historic, big, fun, hard to find us if you don't know the regular faces)
-The Berghoff Bar (historic, crowded, beer might be eerily familiar)
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Of those two, I would favor the Berghoff - it's probably a bit easier to find a space there, and it's a little quieter than the Game Room. Both are good possibilities though.
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Well let's decide soon to get this out of "Proposed" status. Monk's?
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I can get anywhere downtown by 5 to secure a table.
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I think Monks wasn't easy for a incomplete party last month, though others were actually there and can correct me. I'm good with Berghoff or The Game Room or Monks if I'm wrong.
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I formally vote for Berghoff, then.
posted by Iridic at 7:27 AM on March 6, 2018

Nthing Berghoff.
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I'll leave the floor open for voting until 1:00 PM Central (11:00 AM Pacific), then I'll confirm the details.
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if we're voting, I'm also Berghoff

(also vote March 20!)
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Technically it's a no-goat meetup tomorrow, but even more technically there's a goat inside all of us if you just believe.
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*robot Cher voice*


(This is the mood I'm in and probably will be in 6 hours, so fair warning...)
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phunnieme, if you'll be in attendance and bringing extra cookies: 2 Thin Mint, 2 Samoa, 2 S'mores, please!
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What time will you all get there? As I said, I could be there as early as 5 to snag a table, but I don't think my territorial displays will hold up for an hour.
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Had I time to prepare, I would've attached a crow to my head.
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Hey I'm not coming tonight because I have to prep for my girl scout meeting tomorrow but I WILL be at bacon bomb on Sunday so if you want cookies, or additional cookies, TELL ME NOW PLEASE and I will bring them. $5 a box.
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I can't get down before 6, sadly. It'll probably be even later, because getting paid is a pain in my ass.
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I'll aim for 5:30 then. If anybody's coming that won't recognize me, I have a mustache and I'm wearing this shirt.
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oh shit bacon bomb is Sunday
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why don't we ever give ourselves enough notice?
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I am not going to make it down there tonight but I guess I will be seeing some of you TWICE this weekend for Second Saturday and Bacon Bomb!
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I HAVE BEEN DOING INSTAGRAM MAKEUP FOR 3 HOURS AND I LOOK NO DIFFERENT BUT I AM ON MY WAY. it is currently 6:30, and it will take me an hour to get there.
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