Manhattan Pizza Party
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Fri February 4 at 8:00 PM, Lombardi's
32 Spring St, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey everyone: mefite antgly is turning 20 on Friday, February 4th! How about a MetaFilter meetup birthday pizza party?
Meet us at Lombardi's on Spring Street at 8PM. From there we can move on to fancy rice pudding, drinks (as long as it's somewhere where antgly and co. will be allowed in) etc.

(As you might have picked up by now, antgly used to be Jehovah's Witness, so this is basically his first real birthday event. Huzzah!)
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Hooray! Pizza and birthdays!
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Sorry, just fixed the date on the calendar!
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How are we all going to fit in Lombardi's? My memory is that it's a very cramped place and the line to get in is loooong.
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Well first let's see how many people can actually go. I'll call them early next week to see if they have any recommendations for us once we have a more realistic idea of who's coming.
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I'll still be in DC.

Have a wonderful day, antgly!
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We might meet you after for rice pudding or yogurt! I'll keep an eye on the thread.
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Yea I might join for pudding, etc.
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Hmm... I might be able to make this.
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About four blocks away, on Spring and Crosby, there's a Starbucks that is a special one, a flagship demo or something, huge, with leather upholstery and a new kind of coffee machine that's pretty interesting.

People could gather there with a Lombardi's takeout, perhaps, before moving on.
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Amassing a delivery or takeout order for a large fluxuating group of people is going to be a lot more difficult than just eating at the source.

I called Lombardi's, and they have several dining areas, and they said they can handle a party of approx 20 people no problem. We would only be able to stay there an hour and a half tops before they'd shoo us out, and naturally they'd prefer that pretty much everyone arrive all together.

They don't require an exact headcount in advance, which is a great advantage to just sitting and eating there. People who can't commit to getting there at/around 8 but whom would still like to come should plan on meeting the group a little later on when we're getting ready to move on somewhere else for dessert and whatnot.

Naturally if you are late it's not like we'll hiss and shun you, but if you come like 45 minutes late expecting to put in an order, remember that you'll still be held to the confines of the group's time limit, which might not give you much time to eat. Anyway, we'll order heavy to make sure we have some extra pie lying around for you to snack on.
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I can't even go into a Starbucks. The smell of coffee makes me ill (yes, I'm allergic). So hooray for eating at Lombardi's!
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Damn you New Yorkers and your high quality pizza! *goes into the kitchen and sobs*
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I will come. Look forward to meeting you all for the first time.
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Happy birthday, antgly!
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Sure am sorry I'm going to miss out on this. Have a great time, guys.

Happy birthday, sugar!
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I am a little more sure of my arrival, now.
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We'll be catching up with you guys for the dessert portion!
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I had to un-rsvp, I'm sorry to miss it, happy birthday!!
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Sorry about bowing out, but I have to prepare for tomorrow morning's possible snow/sleet party. :(

Still, Happy Birthday antgly!
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What time should we gather at Lombardi's? I've left work and will be wandering around Spring street to kill time until dinner, so if I should just head in and put our group down let me know.
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I was so looking forward to tonight, but unfortunately what I took for a head cold is actually a sinus infection, so for the good of the group I'm gonna stay home and rest with the cat. Hope you have a great birthday antgly!
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That was fun. I walked all the way to 14th and 7th warmed by good vibes and pizza and dubious rice pudding. Happy birthday antgly, hope you enjoyed it.
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Man, that pudding place. *shakes head*
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Nice to meet the new folks and see all you old timers.
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I agree about the pudding. Really good, but ate way too much. (puts two fingers down throat)

Thanks everyone who made it!!! I really appreciated it.

Now to figure out who is who.
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By the way I really really enjoyed it all!

Corey also really enjoyed it and liked the company... he would like it if we all did another meetup in the near future... Same goes for me... I really liked you all and was touched by your generosity and that you came to help make this day special for me...

Thank you all!!!
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Great time, great people.
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It was great to finally attend my first meetup after all this time. Good company and good pizza.

Glad you enjoyed your birthday, antgly!
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Very fun, hope to see everyone again!
posted by the young rope-rider at 6:29 AM on February 5, 2011

Ah ha ha ha I hadn't seen this meetup, but I clicked on the "I ate too much rice pudding" AskMe and as soon as I got to the pizza part of the description I just knew that it had to be Lombardi's plus Rice to Riches.
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I hope so too!

Loved all your cards, as well as some of the gifts I got with them.

Thank you all!!!
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That was in reference to the young rope-rider, not felix grundy...

felix grundy is spot on... lol
posted by antgly at 8:00 AM on February 5, 2011

I am having no luck with meetups lately. I thought this was tonight!

Happy Birthday antgly! I hope to meet you soon.
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I'm soooo sorry I had to bail right as things were starting. I'm glad to at least have been there to help get things rolling.

I will see you all soon.
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