Medieval Times
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Sun February 25 at 4:30 PM, Medieval Times
2001 N Roselle Rd, Schaumburg, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Medieval Times in Schaumburg is now ruled by a queen. We must show our fealty.
Tickets here with code RMN37 (or WINTER18 if that doesn't work). There's probably a Groupon. People will probably share rides below. We had a blast last time we went. I forget if anything else needs to be said, but ask below if so.
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Shall I look into party bus? Also, I may end up bringing two small-ish boys in addition to spouse, if no-one objects.
posted by crush at 7:14 AM on January 9, 2018

Wouldn't hurt! I couldn't make it work last time but I bet the numbers will be different on a Sunday afternoon.
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I haven't bought my ticket yet (putting myself as a "maybe" until I actually do, but I am definitely going to come). It looks like code RMN37 takes the price down to $37, which is the best deal I've found so far. There doesn't seem to be a Groupon at the moment.
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It looks like there's a lot of interest in this, so maybe we should hold off on buying tickets immediately: there are package deals for groups of 15 or more. I'm happy to get that going if we get a few more maybes.
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Is there a specific date? )Just now seeing Feb date, nevermind)
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I've never been to Medieval Times and have never considered going before, but now I'm intrigued.
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Okay, so I heard back: groups are ~$41 per person and the only real advantage is priority seating, so I don't know if we care.
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It worked just fine last year when we all bought separately, and that way no one has to eat the cost of the extra tickets if we don't end up with 15 people, so shall we all just buy tickets separately again this year?

Thanks for looking into that, Eamon!
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I updated with jessypie's better code.
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Bought my ticket! I used the RMN37 code and it worked for me. There are additional taxes and fees, so my final ticket cost was $43.97.

I'm really looking forward to this! It was a lot of fun last time.
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i've got our tickets too.
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okay okay I'm coming
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I'll go if we could get the bus thing going.
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How does seating at this place work? If we buy tickets individually can we all sit together?

Not sure if I can make it yet. (Depends on the results of a doodle poll among people at work.) But, it sounds like embarrassing fun.
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eotvos -- from what I remember last time, the people at the front who give you crowns ask how many is in your party, and then seat you all together. there might have been some background work with making this happen that I am unaware of, however.

I was really hoping to go to this (close to where I live! lots of fun!) , but, I have a work training thing that starts on Monday in FL, so I have to fly out Sunday (or, extremely early Monday AM and then go directly from airport to work which would also kind of suck) :( :( I hope you guys have a blast!
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I love that you guys are headed out my way, but I just had to go to Medieval Times twice (once for family, once with my kid's scout group) and I'm not sure I'm down for it again. I think I'll redouble my efforts to make it to the Bacon Bomb thing, though.
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Winter18 still works. the other code did not. We have our tickets. I'm checking into party busing, but it's not looking good. I have one more company to call.

We sort of meet in line, via texting and other modern conveniences, but yes, when the first of us gets there, we just let the staff know how many of us there are.
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I've sort of dropped the ball on this - did we ever have a plan made for travel from the city? Since I'm not drinking, I just realized that if anybody had access to a large-ish vehicle, I could drive a large-ish group. (But I'm definitely still up for any other routes others have found. There's already 3 in my party.)
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I was unable to arrange car service. Do you belong to a carshare? My sister got one of those soccer mom cars that holds a million recently with theirs.
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I'll be driving. I assume eamondaly and phunniemee will be as well. Maybe Mr. crush is driving?

I can fit 3 folks in my car if they're friendly with each other, McMikeNamera.
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Yes, I'm also driving!
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I don't think Spouse intended to drive--since we're not bringing any small humans. The tickets say to arrive 75 minutes before the show, which sounds about right, based on my other trips there. So 3:15 pm right?

We'd love to claim to seats in a car. Or we'd be happy to split the Lyft, which I understand is $75 total one way for 6 seats. I will pay cash for Lyft splitting because I have consistently failed to split a Lyft successfully via the app for over a year.
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okay. garlic's got room for three. There's McMikeNamara +2, which fills garlic's car

This leaves 5 that I know are coming: Jessypie, mr & mrs eamondaly, mr & mrs crush. As well as jacy + 1--whom I have not spoken with to confirm attendance--but brings us to 7 remaining.

phunnie's got room for 3? which is not enough for 5 remaining and certainly not for 7.

Lyft is $15 a person for 6 people one way, which is not enough seats for 7 remaining.

let me see how spouse feels about driving.
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eamondaly has proposed:

mr & mrs eamondaly in their own car w/ McMikeNamara (& crowd)--with McMikeNamara driving the drunken dalys home

crush & crush's spouse in garlic's car (which I believe we did last time)

Jessypie (and possibly jacy +1?) with phunnieme--although they are at opposite ends of the city.

spouse is willing to drive, but i think fewer cars is better and we have not decided to do a dry month, ever.
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If someone needs a ride and can figure out a good way of getting my car to you and then to the burbs I will happily drive them. I will say I'm going to be a tremendous buzzkill and go home the very second it's over because I have to be at work very early Monday morning to run payroll because apparently this is my job now. So rides home are for similarly minded buzzkills only.
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Phunniemee, I would love to ride along with you if we can find a convenient way to meet up. Maybe at the Jefferson Park blue line station? I am good with the buzzkill trip straight home afterwards. I can also pick up my Girl Scout cookies from you on Sunday finally!
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I forget I had a friend in from out of town this weekend so I will not be albe to join everyone. Have fun!
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jessypie that sounds great 👍
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Hi all! The beau and I actually live in Chicagolaaaand right outside Schaumburg. If anyone hasn't solidified travel plans and wants to Metra it, we can pick up a couple in Arlington Heights/Buffalo Grove/Palatine. (Full disclosure-not really sure what Metra lines look like.) If everyone's good, we look forward to seeing all of y'all. Huzzah!
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Great! good to hear we've not abandoned someone in our transit-planning!
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Sorry we had to make such a quick exit but we had a great time! Green Knight!
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