NYC, Mefi, and Knitting?
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So anyone wanna start a regular (frequency to be determined) Mefi Knitting/Crocheting meetup in New York?
Yes, Ravelry and Meetup can also help me with this. But the group Ravelry helped me find disbanded when everyone moved out of town a few years back, and the only groups helped me find are all way the hell out of my way, or seem to be a little cliquey.

Monthly or bi-weekly seems a good frequency (at least it's one I know I'd make), and I am partial to Brooklyn for location, but as long as I can get to whereever pretty easily I can do Manhattan or Queens.

Any interest out there?
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I'm one of the organizers for MergeSort, which is a feminist maker meetup, for non-binary people and women to make things, learn, and work on projects of all sorts. And we always or nearly always have knitters at our meetups; I'm not a knitter, but I am a MeFite.

This coming Thursday evening (the 11th) we have a project night in DUMBO in Brooklyn in case you want to swing by. (I am not posting it as a meetup on IRL because the venue address is meant to only be available to the meetup members; maybe I'll change my mind and post it as a Proposed meetup.)

MergeSort would not be a replacement for what you seek, an all-gender MeFi-specific group, but I wanted to make sure you knew about it.
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I'd be down for that. And thanks for the heads up brainwane, I just applied to join Mergesort. I'm currently partial to manhattan because I'm still mobility impaired from some ankle surgery, but hopefully soon I'll be less limited.
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I'd be down!
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I would very prefer Manhattan.
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Yes!!! But I'm in NJ so probably prefer Manhattan as well.
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I'm interested too! It would depend where in Brooklyn since, you know, getting from one part of Brooklyn to another can be a pain in the ass. So it might be easier if it were in Manhattan.
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I’m down! I’m in Queens so would prefer that, but barring that, Manhattan.
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I'd be up for this. I'm going to be taking two classes and working full time this upcoming semester, though, so I'm not sure yet how often I'd be able to join you all after January. Also, I just moved back to Bergen County but I belong to a NYC knitting Meetup, Pints n Purls. They meet in bars, primarily in Manhattan and Brooklyn, but also go to different events all over the city and beyond.
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I'm contemplating Pints n Purls now.

But if there's still interest in a Mefi-Centric group - how about we make it easy on ourselves and only do once a month? In Manhattan, on a weekend?

I know fuck-all about what would be a good meeting place in Manhattan, is the only problem.
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I am without a knitting group. I'm in Washington Heights, so would prefer Manhattan or somewhere in Brooklyn accessible from the A train.
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I'm in. Accessible Brooklyn is fine pending insanity known as weekend MTA service though
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Hello guys, Skygazer here....It's been a forever since I've been on Mefi and please excuse my so flagrantly off-topic question here, I don't knit, although perhaps I should learn how, (I hear it's wonderfully meditative), But this seems a place as any to ask if anyone knows of a sublet or room available in the next couple of weeks or in Feb? I am absolutely 100% ready to take up knitting if the case calls for it.

Anyhow, if anyone has any advice on where to look/ask online for NYC (Bklyn or Queens but considering other boroughs) these days, or within the Mefi Multiverse please let me know.

Happy knitting!!
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I’m up for a Mefi knitting group. Once a month sounds good.

My non-Mefi knitting group has tossed around City Bakery as a possibility, (18th between 5th and 6th) although we haven’t actually tried it out.

Library space is also nice. Surely we have some librarian-adjacent people here.
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One a month in Manhattan on a weekend sounds good to me!
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(I see Purl Soho also has regular knit nights, but I think those are on Tuesday evenings. Maybe they'd be open to hosting a one-off MeFi meetup just to try it?)
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Also interested, would also prefer Manhattan.
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Manhattan on a weekend sounds good to me.
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Can other fiber-adjacent hobbies come play too? Never managed to wrap my head around knitting but for everything else, if Purl Soho has supplies for it, I've probably tried it...
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I live in the Bronx, so I prefer Manhattan (or parts of Queens I can reach by bus). This will require giving my social anxiety and embarrassment over my poor crochet skills a good talking to, but I think it may be worth it.
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Can other fiber-adjacent hobbies come play too?

I say if it's portable enough to be brought somewhere, why not.

I know someone who also lurks here on MeFi, is a beer nerd and lives in the Stuytown area who crochets; let me ping her and see if she knows a good place we could meet at (and maybe enlist her). Then we can hammer out day/frequency.
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Oh this is exciting!
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Right, I just RSVPed to Pints and Purls on Wednesday should anyone care to join me.
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I am interested! - I live in Queens so Manhattan works better than Brooklyn. I got rid of my yarn last year but kept needles just in case - and here we are...
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My Manhattan/crochet/Mefi lurker friend is coming off a somewhat busy patch and hasn't gotten back to me yet with location ideas, but says she's starting to brainstorm now.

So do we want to discuss timing? Maybe, like, every second Sunday or something like that?
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Oooh, sounds fun! Brooklyn or Manhattan mostly on weekends works for me. Anybody going to VKL this weekend?

Btw, I believe String Thing Studio in Brooklyn has a regular knit night on Fridays. I've gone a few times and really enjoy it. The timing can be a little difficult with my schedule though.
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Weekends sound excellent. Sunday is good.

I did VKL last year and loved it, but I unfortunately can't make it this year. To those going, enjoy!!
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Why don’t we set the first one for City Bakery on a Sunday morning, and then continue brainstorming locations for subsequent meetups?
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Okay - how about February 11th for the first one, to set the second-Sunday-of-each-month pattern? City Bakery, about 11 am?
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