Happy New Goat
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Wed January 3 at 6:00 PM, Monks Pub
205 W Lake St, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Wednesday, January 3rd is the first first Wednesday of 2018. Let's make it happy. Join us at Monks Pub in lieu of the Original Billy Goat Tavern with their crazy new beers because renovations. Then wander with us (quickly! though. It's cold) to LiveWire for something special.
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Unfortunately, I have a campaign event from 6-8 in Andersonville, so I will be skipping the Goat and going straight to LiveWire.
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Chicago Tribune: Billy Goat Tavern on Michigan Avenue closing but not for long
Three days until Jan. 1, 2018, and another restaurant is closing, but luckily, it’s only for a short stint. Billy Goat Tavern’s Michigan Avenue location is closing temporarily for infrastructure updates, according to an email management sent out Friday afternoon.

The letter reads: “We would like to inform you that starting January 2nd this location will be temporarily closed in order to perform necessary updates of the infrastructure, such as improving electrical, plumbing, and the restrooms. This work is necessary so that our customers can continue to enjoy the Tavern for many years to come! Due to the delicate nature of performing the work while preserving the historic Tavern`s look and decor we anticipate the work to be completed in 4-6 weeks by sometime in February. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and we look forward to seeing you in a few weeks! Follow us on Facebook and twitter for updates."

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Ha! I just came in here to post that article. Need new location, stat!
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Monks makes poutine by putting deep fried cheese curds on top of fries and then pouring on some gravy. It's an abomination. So this is a viable option.
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There is also Cheesies. Which has served as a back up in the past. But I am now double booked with a campaign thing and a Womens March marshals thing. So I really won't join before Live Wire. :(
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Cheesing the Goatup? Is that allowed?
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Are we decided?
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I like the idea of Monks because it is

a) still downtown
b) nearly accessible by pedway (I think)
c) the aforementioned poutine abomination
d) it's that much closer to Union Station, which would allow for the possibility of my long-held dream that those of us who go to Live Wire taking the Metra there

But I'm up for any other suggestions that can be made.
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I'm down for this Monks place. I haven't had poutine in a minute.
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Sounds like we're decided. MonkUp?
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I love Monks, unlike the Goat, they actually have good beer :) Also, I approve of the Goat fixing their bathrooms. Seriously.
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Hey, I hope everyone enjoys Monks and LiveWire tonight and that my opinion yesterday didn't sway any decisions as I won't be able to make it tonight. Have fun and hope to see you all more in the rest of 2018.
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I am not feeling great and it's pretty iffy whether I'll make it downtown tonight. I'm really sorry if I end up missing you all tonight!
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Something's in the air: I too am going to be unable to make it. Happy New Year, everyone.
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I've gone from 'maybe' to 'no'. Some errands came up tonight. Next time!
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Well, this is like the one time I make it to one and everyone else bails, I see. I see. Mhm.

Anywho, I'm immediately around the corner to the right of the entrance, a U turn from the front door.
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Myself and anactualwolfe have tables to the right of the door..
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And now anem0ne.
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I'm sorry guys, but I don't think it's happening for me tonight, either. Have fun and stay warm!
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I'm just leaving work now. ETA 35 min.
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Looks like we are all going to call it a night and not head to karaoke, if anyone was only going to be able to get to karaoke. Good place, it would do nicely for next month!
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Can confirm: the beer was good. The company was great. The poutine was awful. (Not that Goat burgers are good, exactly.) Looking forward to next month.
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