Meow Wolf Events for early 2018 / NM meetups ideas
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There are a number of good shows coming through Meow Wolf (Santa Fe, NM) in the coming months, but instead of trying to drum up interest in each, I thought I'd just link to the Meow Wolf events page above the fold and let local folks chime in if any strike their fancy. [Also, we should have a normal, non-event/performance meetup soon, because it's been ages, so we can talk about that, too!]
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I will probably be at the following:

* Fri., Jan. 26 - RJD2 (hip-hop producer/DJ) -- $30 (oof)
* Tues., Feb. 13 - Poppy (previously on MeFi; creepypasta come to life?) -- $18 adv./ $20 day of / $69 for Zealot of Poppy VIP package
* Sat. Feb. 17 - Bully (rawkish) -- $15 adv / $18 day of
!! Wed. Feb. 21 - Benjamin Clementine (previously; British singer-songwriter who impressed David Byrne) -- $20 adv. / $25 day of
* Tues., March 13 - Talib Kweli (hip-hop/rapper) -- $25
!! Thurs., May 10 - Kid Koala (turntablist [previously] with a vaudvillian stage show!!!!) -- $20 adv. / $25 day of

Otherwise, let's talk about other reasons / places to meet up! It's been WAAAY too long!
posted by filthy light thief at 2:46 PM on December 26, 2017

While I think this is an excellent idea, currently I'm not able to commit to scheduling my recreation this far in advance.

Following, hopefully I will be able to make whatever ends up happening.
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I won't make it to Meow Wolf, but I would go for a meetup in ABQ.
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